​Music starts playing like the end of a sad movie.Its the kind of ending you don’t really want to see. Because it’s tragedy and it’ll only bring you down. Now you won’t know what to be without seeing them around. We both know it’s never simple never easy,neither a clean break and no one there to save you because they’re the only thing you  know like the back of your hand…

Probably,the grand question is Why 20s?

Well,maybe it’s the era when blood gets too hot in your veins and you can’t help it rather than falling without  even taking a rain-check 

maybe its the time when you hold that deadly viper without the holy Spirit in your mind..

Also,umm..maybe, it’s the moment you decide to sail on without taking into account of the tides…

I don’t have a grand answer to the question and i doubt if you do too however,love is not about the materials you gift each other..I mean, places you go,these are just complimentary things on your love life. To my knowledge, it’s about the quality time you invest on each other to make a curve on each one’s mouth,butterflies on tummies and racing hearts falling for each other more and more.

Today’s relationships are like Geico commercials or state farm ads on every page of  the internet..show off on social media! Just be ware what you post is wise and not due to peer influence but the love burning in you,and keep in mind that your relationship is for two and not for all,and so for some things which you talk and share together should remain between you,its best to be conservative sometimes than to watch urself be the next Peter pan.

So,people..you gotta be true believers,take it nice and slow..watch your step! because I can tell you them doctors don’t have a pill for whatever will make your love ill. Don’t let the sun get too high,sky too blue,drink too cold to be thinking about them!On top of all,pray for it! Prayer is the ultimate powerful communication to God!

Love! Oh love! What a blessed thing! Say it loud and make it clear today. Cheers!
Choices ‘17


By Catherine Ngallo





Siku ya vijana ndio imezinduliwa rasmi leo na Mh. Anthony Mavunde,mbunge wa Dodoma mjini, hapa Dodoma.Ikiwa nimehudhuria kama kijana,mwakilishi wa team ya Twentiesco na UNFPA-YAP , ningependa kuwashirikisha mambo manne ambayo mheshimiwa ameyagusia hususani kwa vijana.

Vijana lazima tujiamini,tuwe na matumizi sahihi ya mitandao ya kijamii na vyombo vya habari,kuzingatia maadili na matumizi mazuri ya muda.

Haya na mengine mengi yameongelewa.

Lakini ,Je wewe kijana mwenzangu,unafahamu hasa nini lengo la maadhimisho haya ya siku ya vijana duniani?ambayo dhima kuu ya mwaka huu 2017 ni  

“Ushiriki na ushirikishwaji wa vijana katika kudumisha amani”

Amani inayogusiwa hapa,si ukosefu wa vita tu! Bali hata amani ndani ya mtu mmoja mmoja…Jiulize wewe una Amani?

Mfano,kijana aliyekosa kazi,au aliye tegemezi baada ya kumaliza shule,hawezi kua na amani na hii huwa chanzo cha ukosefu wa amani hata kwa wanaomzunguka.Naamini mlio wengi hamjawahi kuhudhuria au hata kusikia taarifa zozote kuhusiana na maadhimisho ya siku hii kubwa.Tukiwa siku moja kabla ya maadhimisho hayo, hapo kesho,ningependa kuwaelezea  ni nini hasa lengo la kua na siku hiyo ya kesho. Nikiwekea mkazo majadiliano  yaliyo pendekezwa na vijana kutoka mashirika mbalimbali kama Restless Development, Raleigh,Save the children,Femina ,Global Peace Foundation na nyinginezo nyingi zikishirikiana na wizara ya maendeleo ya vijana.Kuna maeneo makuu sita ambayo ni

1:utawala bora

2: Uwezeshaji kiuchumi

3:  Mchango wa vyombo vya habari katika kudumisha amani

4: Afya ya vijana

5:Elimu na teknolojia

6: Vijana na kudumisha Amani

Haya ni maeneo ambayo yatawaelekeza vijana kutafuta utatuzi wa mambo yanayowakabili huku jamii ikihusishwa.Makubaliano hayo yatapatikana hapo kesho. Ukiwa kama kijana ,mawazo yako ndio ukombozi wako.

Je wewe msomaji unafikiri nini kifanyike ,ukizingatia dhima hii ya “ushiriki na ushirikishwaji wa vijana katika kudumisha Amani?” Ningependa kuona mawazo yako  ili niyawasilishe kwa ajili yakufikia makubaliano ambayo tutayawasilisha  kwa serikali yetu ya Tanzania hapo kesho..

Kijana kua huru kujieleza,Unatakiwa ufahamu wewe ni nani,unaenda wapi na unafika vipi katika malengo yako.

Kuhakikisha kuwa haukosi taarifa zozote katika blog hii , weka email yako hapo chini.



​I know you have heard of all the Famous failure lines-the most famous one being it is not the end. That you have to pick up yourself and dust yourself off but really how do you do that when you are feeling lousy I have also had several moments when new I had to move on and work towards insisting to new ending to your story. But really, how do you do that when this really feels like the end itself- Sadly, it isn’t. Unless you make it. As long as you are still breathing let me tell you that it shouldn’t be over. Now I know I sound like all those Inspirational quotes you have seen and heard all your life but please hear me out. 
You should realize that the educational system isn’t linear there are several entry points. Let us call those points detours. These detours are not paths that lead to nowhere-these detours may either lead you home or take you back to the main road which is the linear educational system we_ assume. You may also discover something better as you go on about the detour Yes it wasn’t a part of your path. We all_ have images of how we want our lives to unfold. Sometimes things go right and sometimes they go left

Be honest and explore your options. For example, say youwant to pursue a degree in a certain field. Let me rephrase that say you want to become a medical doctor. Not being able to join the university for MD does not mean that you can no longer have that degree or become that doctor. It simply means that you are going to have to take a different path to get to the same destination. The destination doesn’t have to change BUT the road can. 

Because at the end of the day a man is solely a product of his/her experiences. There is so much to learn on that unforeseen path. The Important thing at any education level is to network, build the-required skill set and never consider yourself a minor.

Download the full book for free here . 


Some talks are just satisfying ,If you also love listening to other great minds , then TED  talks are for you.Check out these few of our favorites.

How to draw your life.Connecting where you are and where you want to be.


The defining decade book for twenty something summary .This book explains why your twenties are your very important years.Check out this video for main points.

Success lies in the  end of your comfort zone.Know why and how you can get where you want by leaving all the comfortable things behind.

Tiye Harris talks about finding the right partner and what to consider.Looks are also on the list.Know what are your core essentials and desirables .Watch all the three videos in this series .

Caroline Mutoko is my personal favorite.In this video she tells you why your twenties matter. Check also her other video called ” Ladies, Quit average attitude”


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It is another saturday here on Twentiesco and we have our usual #asktwentiz which will put on a discussion from question from our fellow Twenti. Welcome.

Moving out of your parents’ house is a major decision.When do you think is the right time to move out ?




​Founder: K-Doe Tech

The youngest person on last year’s FORBES AFRICA 30 under 30 list hails from one of the continent’s smallest countries.

Doe was brought up by a single mother with five children in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. At age 11, he built a music set for entertainment; at 14 he upgraded it to a radio transmitter, all from scrap electronic pieces he picked on his way home back from school. At 16, he built a battery from acid, soda and metals from the bin. “There was a big electricity problem and school kids were suffering not being able to study at night, so I decided to make a battery that would provide electricity to some people. Sometimes, lights would come on once a week and the rest of the month it’s dark.”

Doe has also made an emergency shoe charger and a homemade amplifier.  His company, K-Doe Tech, also provides tools, workshops, mentorship, resources and networks, ultimately equipping young people in Sierra Leone with unique opportunities to take their future into their own hands. He currently works with people between the ages of 12 and 25.

This article is originally posted on Forbes

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Remember the day you hit 20 years old? You were excited about embarking the new adventures of adulthood and freedom. And there you go,” I can do this,do that and all is well” .But less did you know that your twenties were the days where you were going to encounter so many untold mysteries….and yes these are the years where you’re life should start having meaning…

I remember when I actually turned twenty ,I told myself “, this is my moment of freedom, choices,subsequent trying,learning etc….and yes I’ve made so many mistakes and actually learned from them,I’ve made choices that I’ll never regret,I keep learning everyday… to sum up everything I’m living my life…

So,if no one ever told you the few things to make your twenties and the rest of your life amazing….then I got you,and I’ll tell you.

 Be yourself, be you..  Do you know the joy and happiness you brought into the lives of those that gave life to you on Earth? It was for one reason,no one else in this world looks like you,no matter how many times they say you look like your siblings or mother,there’s so much difference in you versus the world,that only means dig out your inner qualities, strengths, abilities and even weaknesses, brace and embrace yourself…

 Change what you don’t like in your life.. Yes ,there’s absolutely nothing wrong in changing what does not please your eyes(and not the world).. It could be that saggy tummy,or rough hair,dry cracky uneven skin tone,bad behavior ,unhealthy relationships, or anything that doesn’t look nice to you at all..Change is inevitable after all,and so change to satisfy your desire and not someone’s….

Compete ONLY when its necessary…,  Sometimes we tend to let our  ego get the best of us,yes at some point we all did.Personally I’m not good at competing. I remember having told a friend that I don’t have competitors and he said,”then you have nothing”..(I always smile when I remember this) ..But I say ,I have everything (don’t take this serious though)… And since I don’t compete, all I do is outwork anyone acting as a rival!! So should you,its not like you’re always on marathon, so why should you compete….!?

Take responsibility of your actions.. You‘ve heard of karma right? Or simply what goes around comes around? It’s true,learn to be conscious of your acts.Apologize when you go wrong,forgive when you’re asked,commit when it’s time,take calculated risks,lead when you have to and follow when you have to.These simple rules will add so much taste in your life..Never leave anything unsolved, it will surely hunt you for as long as you live.

Love without boundaries… Tell me what do you loose by showing love and its gestures such as gratitude, kindness,understanding etc…Its time beloved  twenti you quit  the act of “I like you”.. and it’s time you love …Love your friends,family, nature,fauna and everything this universe has to offer, show that love, in ways that people will always remember you,love them as much as you would love yourself… When love becomes limitless, so does life!


Live your dreams..Are you that young man who wants to travel the world, and raise a great family? Or that woman who has always wanted to fly an aircraft then eventually go to space,and be that amazing wife any man could ever have..or maybe advocate for human rights,or be that one great journalist of the 21st Century….we all have dreams and so you…(yes ,you who is reading now); regardless of what your dreams are,start living them now,act like you’re an achiever, behave like that man or woman of your dreams…you’ll surely create a meaningful life and find your purpose a long the way..

So when you finish reading this,take a mirror and look at that image you see,ask yourself what makes you different? Is that what makes you great,or is that what makes you weak?…you are beautiful, you’re strong, wise and blessed beyond imagination…… Always remember the moon and sun shine at different times,always be you!!

Lots of love to you ,beloved reader of your twenties….

Lilian Bonus.


Good day Twentiz. This is a new category in Twentiesco which will put on discussion from question from our fellow Twenti. Welcome. The person asking the question will remain anonymous or be exposed according to their preference.

Here is our first question from Twenti 1

Hello Twentiz, I am a 21-year-old freshman. It seems to me that everyone in university is doing business. I would like some money on the side but I think it might rob me of time to focus on my career building. What are your views on this.


We all use WhatsApp on a daily basis,we tell out our stories,we express our feelings,say hello to family and friends and relate to everything we do.One may ask me why I chose WHATSAPP out of all networks? Simple! It contains emojis we use to add emphasis to what we say,in fact they help a great deal in expressing our inner feelings further…
Now let’s get on the boat together, how many times do you frequently use that one or two or more emojis?,ever asked yourself why do you use  it?…Emojis have become increasingly common among younger people to convey emotions within their text,with use of characters or images.

After having done a simple research by asking several people including those  on my contact list(those that I regulary chat with) to share with me ,the screenshots of their frequently used whatsApp emojis,,,What I learned was incredibly astonishing….. This is what I discovered which also highly applies to you as well…

Level of happiness..Did you know that happiness is merely a product of your own mind?Yes it is and often times you can’t hide it ,so you speak your mind.Most of the times you’ll use certain emojis to express your state of mind and that means if you’re always joyous you’ll use smiley faces etc…that goes along with sadness where as this group  use angry faces often times.Someone who’s sad cannot use smiley faces,or an emoji showing power!!!!….so if you’re not happy do this

Your hobbies….So you think you  don’t know what to do for fun?Go back to your frequently used whatsApp emojis,one of them has been telling you ,but  you might have not noticed ,it could be that ball you use,or the sports person you showcase or even those weapons you use…emojis play a great deal showing you all these.

Attitude……your feelings and the way you think towards someone or something are clearly expressed on your other faces, “emojis” ,they could tell whether you feel good or bad about things.This later becomes a habit and you eventually develop a personality… It may sound ridiculous but,a times you should develop curiosity as to why do you use certain emojis most of the times?

Question comes..”Do emojis imitate life,or does life imitate emojis?”

So drop your comment below .Don’t forget to share this post with other twenties and have a great day!!!!


At least once ,each one of us has experienced rejection . From someone you were looking to build a relationship with to be more precise.It can be particularly challenging,especially to individuals who desire a long lasting relationship .Individuals with lower self esteem may find rejection more painful and it may take time for them to recover .


p style=”text-align:left;”>
Few months ago when I went for a part time job interview at Posta in Dar es Salaam,I met a childhood friend that I hadn’t seen for years .I asked her if we could have a girls day out, and that’s when she shared with me her sad rejection story. She’s been in love with a young man a year older than her; it all started out well but few months later the relationship ended coldly!


p style=”text-align:left;”>
THE GOOD NEWS is that, regardless of the number of times you’ve been rejected by that one person whom you felt meant the whole universe to you, you can still bounce back.
With these five meaningful tips, you’ll be great again!

  1. Accept and embrace rejection positively .Being rejected by that significant other does not mean you do not have what it takes to deserve affection .This means you should accept the fact that someone else isn’t willing and ready to start a new journey with you .Having realized this will help you avoid several problems such as developing an inferiority complex and health problems that may be a result of prolonged stress.
  2. Communicate with someone you trust .They say feelings expressed are better off than those hidden .Take advantage of the people you trust ,and hear out what they have to tell you .That way you’ll have eased the burden by listening to their own personal stories .Believe me ,there’s something that will act as opium for that particular moment .
  3. Try new things every now and then .Ever imagined what your life could have been if you had never met that person? Marvelous! so how about you go back to all your unfinished businesses ;that sci-fi book you started ,the freelancing job you’ve always wanted ,all your favorite sports or that yummy sushi dish you always wanted to try cook. All these will help in your recovery and eventually gain momentum towards your goals.
  4. Love yourself intensively and extensively .Sometimes we tend to forget what’s really important to us and focus on what doesn’t really matter .NOT everyone you literally fall in love with brings the best in you, and that only means they drain all your energy .Use the rejection to develop better aspects of yourself, not for someone else but for yourself .Enhance your looks and above all maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Have the courage to move on .Never try to ask why that other person rejected you or make them feel guilty, because they won’t, instead have faith in what is to come and that the best people in our lives could take years to show up.Finally, if you want something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours and if it doesn’t it never was.
    What do you think is to be done when rejection hits you?

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Eid Mubarak Twentiz and what a long weekend we have.

If you are New here , thank you for coming to Twentiesco blog ,a blog for all twenty something year Olds. Where every matter about our most arguably important decade is discussed. Remember you can request for a topic to be discussed or post a question.. Go to contact and send an email or via Facebook page @Twentiesco and Instagram @twentiescoblog .If you are not New , Thank you for coming back.

I have currently been hooked to Caroline Mutoko’s life lessons on YouTube. She shares several lessons from her twenties and what better way to learn about your twenties than from someone ready to talk about theirs.

I wanted to share this with you, why twenties? So, most people think that your twenties are the years you should have everything figured out.


That is not the case, It is the time to figure things out. To spin your life the direction you want it to go.

If that wasn’t the case then why would twenties be the defining decades, or a lost decade.


Your twenties are for searching for yourself.These are years you should spend exploring. Trying new things , meeting new people and basically its your first full dip in real life.


To see whether that hobby of you can make you money or not. To see whether that drinking is the best thing on every Friday night .To go to places you have always wanted to go. To attend events you have always wanted to attend. To have fun . Avoid drama and toxicity .

But most of all your twenties are the years to work toward your dreams .


And most of the time  in your twenties , there will never be the right moment . NEVER . Just Do It.


You can afford mistakes but you also have to learn to fail fast because you need to fail enough so that you can move past your mistakes to the person you want to be .

Practice habits you want your adult self to have . Your twenties are for building yourself.

What do you think your Twenties are for? Leave a comment below.

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This list doesn’t go like

  1. Get a job
  2. build a house
  3. blah blah blah

Welcome to Twentiesco.

better version


So here are random things to do before 30. What do you want to do before 30 ? Leave a comment below.

  1. Do a 30 day challenge of something
  2. Read News (just one day )
  3. Turn off the INternet
  4. Learn French
  5. Cook a really great meal
  6. Go on a random adventure
  7. Pay for someones meal
  8. Attend a really awesome event(s
  9. volunteer
  10. Take a class in something
  11. Get a pet
  12. Ship something
  13. Read a whole book
  14. Say yes to everything for a day
  15. Treat yourself
  16. go to a girls/boys night out
  17. write a letter to myself
  18. join a competition
  19. Travel
  20. Feel like a Twenti 

OKAY , 10 more to go from you Twentiz , What do you want to do before thirty ,be fun and real.Perhaps get a tatoo, pass out , go to Madagascar , Meet MESSI? or less crazy , write a book?

Leave a comment below sharing with your fellow Twenties, perhaps you will find a fellow ( wink)

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You are twenty

You are capable

You are trying

You are powerful.

Have a great week.

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