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I googled the effects of Pornography . After I had written “the effects of” , nicotine,heroine and cocaine were among the suggestions. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Google knows that 1 out of 4 internet searches are porn related and it’s here suggesting cocaine. Let’s leave this 19 year old aside. Before we debate on  whether Pornography watching is right or wrong. Let’s see […]

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That shoe is very Nice.. It would go well with this matching fringe top Fringes look perfect with Ripped jeans ,let me get this jeans chocker like Kim Kardashian’s A hat and a matching bag are lifeee😌😌.. What the hell am I doing ..I just came to pick a dress for Molly’s birthday.. For the fourth time .. I’ll get […]

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On Wednesdays we crush hard on someone and our crush for today is Samantha Chepi . A 19 year old Tanzanian lady doing multiple things  under the brand samichepi. Offering a wide range of products and services  like jewelery design and diamond grading  she is also an author , director , co-producer , magazine editor and CEO , recording artist […]

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women hate

There are hard truths to swallow. And one of them is that women do hate each other. Sometimes way too massively. For as long as I remember I have heard , witnessed and even experienced   women putting down other women and conflicts over best friends, boyfriends, job positions, social acceptance and all that. There have been millions of conversations on […]

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SITES YOU SHOULD VISIT….Once in a while.

Hello twenties,I’m sure you all had a great weekend,and so here’s another week and I thought you’d want to explore some new today I’d love to share with you some sites that I always take time to read,and that I think you buddies should read too.These sites contain a lot of information that you may not necessarily get on social media.. COSMOPOLITAN..well Cosmo is my all time favourite. This touches the areas of beauty,style as well as love.In here you’ll learn a lot about sex & relationships,beauty and so much to do with style too.I’m sure ladies we’ll be fond of this..with Cosmo you can get daily updates as much as you want! FORBES …so those tech guys,entrepreneurs and investors.. This is your playground. Forbes is actually a global media company which focuses in investing, business, entrepreneurship as well as investing.. This is one great place to combine a taste of a well rounded smart person..Of course it may sound odd to you,but Forbes is a cool place to learn stuffs no one might tell you. JUST A GUY THING..Men this is actually for it reads,”just a guy thing” ,it’s a site for men with lots of news,sports,style, technology, health, relationships and so many stuffs that any man could actually enjoy…. Check it out. BUSINESS INSIDER… Fast growing business site with deep financial, media,technology and other industry  news,updated to meet the reader’s demands daily…All business tips are loaded in […]

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  Welcome dear twenties, you are exactly where you need to be; it is another day, quite a blue Monday.  Isn’t it? Honestly I don’t know what that means, but let’s get on with the real business. This is the official site for special twenties like us, where we get our goals set, plan our future and get our moods […]

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