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moving out

It is another saturday here on Twentiesco and we have our usual #asktwentiz which will put on a discussion from question from our fellow Twenti. Welcome.

Moving out of your parents’ house is a major decision.When do you think is the right time to move out ?


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  1. Farida Richard Mlenga

    July 29, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    I think when you are well financialy equiped, and you think you can manage being independent , then you can move out of your parent’s house.

  2. Walter

    July 29, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    For a guy,once you feel u are ready to live on your own and face the challenges that comes with that decision..its not not easy but i beleive if you are at the age of 20 and above you can move out of your parents provided you have a job that can give u a sustainable income or you are student getting full government sponsorship..For girls in most of our African cultures its only when you get married but few parents can allow to move out earlier if mayb you are old enough and can sustain life on your own.

  3. Diana Charles Rwativenga

    July 29, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    It’s safe to move out only when your mind feels ready to venture off on your own. Most youth tend to move out on impulse and rush without much thought on what lies ahead.
    You’ve been living in your parents’ wing for a while. All you had to care about is eating , clothing and sleeping. They were all provided to you. You also had company. You’re coming to the time where you have to live the comfort zone and walk through the steps alone.
    Moving out doesn’t mean freedom to party and have fun. It actually means accepting the huge responsibility to take care of yourself. In order to move out, you need to provide yourself with the basics: food, clothes and shelter. Ask yourself if you’re capable of doing so. Are you able to cope with the sudden change of environment? What about the new circle of people you’re to meet with? Is your mind really able to process that.
    You must remember at home,you were the centre of the universe. Once you go, it’s a complete turnover. You have to work financially, morally and socially to get what you need.
    I might go on length on this but its safe to say The right time to move out is when your body is now capable of taking care of oneself, your mind is ready and mature enough to undertake the new baggage that involves moving out and your soul accepts the reality that is life which isn’t described in any book or movie.
    Once you go, No more crying back to Mommy and Daddy. You deal with your situation head on.

  4. Martin

    July 29, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    I think when you’re matured enough to handle yourself, to be independent and to understand your responsibility as grown up person… it’s what determines most if you can move out…but that level of maturity might differ depending on the person.

  5. Moses barnaba

    July 29, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    Twenties age is de right time.. Unless u hav a strong reason to remain

  6. shaban lusana

    July 29, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    Only once you are free & through the school attempts

  7. Mycol king

    July 29, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Depend on the ability to manage your state of life mainly in social and economic status

  8. lilianbonus

    July 29, 2017 at 8:34 pm

    I think you should move out of home when you become financially and mentally stable…..

  9. nattystcredoh

    August 2, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    Moving out signifies independence. Moving out signifies maturity. It signifies sense of one being an adult. Moving out starts from when one is still living in. Don’t move out when you barely know how to handle a house hold setting. Don’t move out if you have never gone to and don’t really know how to choose the right groceries. Don’t move out if you know nothing about the quality and prices of cleaning detergents as well as their durability. Don’t move out if all you can do is boil water and dreamingly plan to order paper plate fast food that have higher monthly expenses and are less nutritious. Don’t move out if you are not willing to bond with a whole set of new neighbors with different personalities. Don’t move out to seek maturity. Seek to mature before you move out.
    The right time to move out depends on how ready one is to step up to the adult world as we free ourselves from the warm nests that we were bred in. Don’t move out to feel free from your guardians for freedom is a state of the mind and change of location will not easily grant it. Don’t move out for the sake of fun because once the high time is done, reality sinks in and you have to protect your decision as well as your pride. Moving out is a psychologically irreversible challenge that one wages against the world. So when a Twenty wants to move out that person must have what it takes for Him or Her to stay out. Achieving these equips one with all the basic hints on how to live life as an independent individual

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Holiday time ,

A time we have been looking forward to since school started! Blink and share this post if you can relate!

Fun holiday activities

I am a big pro-balance , i believe in late nights, early mornings and coffee but i also believe it is essential to lay back in the Bahamas and have someone bring you a Cool Mojito . So what do you do when you have a month or two of rest. Read On.
A bit Clichè right? But how many of us actually rest at least half of the time during the holiday?

While it is sometimes inevitable to reply that email, Attend that client, making time to take care of you, catch up on your favourite tv show or just sitting and breathing helps clear your brain and make you even more productive.

2. Learn a skill.

What a time to be Alive! Your next skill is literaly a few taps away. This skill can be a hobby you have been looking to get better at like sewing, singing, piano , cooking or something intergral in your career like history taking for new clinical rotation students or something you have wanted to do on the side( you have been talking about how you do not have time, and now Its here! ).

One of the founders of Afyatoon , an animation start-up that provides health education actually learnt how to animate during his summer holiday.

There are some things that are not taught in school and you are probably struggling with such as speaking in public , budgeting , dressing well, healthy living & more. Take time to train yourself on that.

3. Work on your side hustle
Balancing between studies and work is a challenge. Sometimes they are all demanding our time and energy. The holiday time therefore is a great time to focus on this thing , give it a mega push and this push will even save you the hustle when school starts.


4. Learn, explore and grow.
It is really eye-opening to learn a new thing or get to understand a certain topic . This can be a great time to do that. There is vast majority of knowledge and information on blogs, social media and in the actual world for you to learn .

Be curious, google , check out some you tube videos . But most of Enjoy your holiday .


What are you doing this holiday?


Twentiesco consultation doors are open! Book your consulation today and lets walk  this adulthood  journey together.



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You know the saying it takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to destroy it, the sad truth about this is it is TRUE.
What if I told you am a doctor well-loved by my patients, have saved lives several times. The first image you will have of me is a well-rounded and respectable man. Well that was me a few years ago. I was the man. I did everything right, straight As, focused, well-mannered. Everyone who knew me wanted to carry me around like a trophy. Currently, I am a recovering alcoholic, I have practically no friends, colleagues barely answer my calls, but it wasn’t always like that, a decade ago.

alcohol addiction in my twenties
One of the most important lessons you will learn in your twenties is we all have our demons. Some it’s an ex who wronged us, others its sex, mine well was alcohol and an ex of course. For most of us, our proper relationships begin at our late teenage years and twenties.

broken relationship depression

I met a lady a few years back and unlike the fairy tales,It did not last. Alcohol was my demon and I turned to it as a coping mechanism. I drank so much when my relationship crumbled, I lost a lot of friends and let family members down.
In one year my reputation changed from a hardworking guy to an alcoholic failure. The thing is bad reputations stick more than good ones, I haven’t touched a drink in more than two years, but I still get labeled as such.

Am turned 30 this year, I feel like my twenties have flown by so fast and, yet I have changed and grown a lot. I have had my share of bad days, weeks and months and am I yet to have more. I am aware that I need to develop my coping skills and speak or deal with what bothers me instead of finding unhealthy and destructive coping mechanisms.

So, here’s my take from it all.
Mistakes are a significant part of our twenties and a better off made NOW. There are less people that might be affected by you deciding to use all your money betting on Croatia for a good number of us.

In your twenties learn to reach out to a falling friend. So many times, we see friends failing and we never say a word. Speaking to our circle of support in times of highs and obviously takes a big load of our minds and theirs too.

friendship in alcohol addiction
Success might take twenty years to achieve, don’t feel outdone. Social media is like a highlight reel of or lives. We are not seeing a great deal of the backstage to which we compare ours with.

Another thing is your reputation will NEVER recover, but its alright. People will give you a second chance, they will support you, but will remind you of your faults,  Accept your faults learn what happened has happened.

So, what should you do? Simple, wear your flaws and do not be ashamed of your struggles. Do not try to convince people your flaws aren’t a part of you. Life gets easier when you are open, it might seem tough, but you will cope.

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If you are one amazing twenti who seeks out opportunities to learn or seek support for something you do , at some point you have to prove your worthiness of what you are applying or contesting for.


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