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Reading has proved to be a great way to expand your knowledge and understanding among other benefits. however you cannot always get all the information you want from a book. Not that books don’t have it , but you probably are looking for a quick and recent source to challenge and inspire your thinking.

So where do you go to quench your thirst for information , knowledge , empowerment and inspiration?

Well the answer is Ted talks . Ted talks are well structured presentations mostly under 18 minutes about literally all topics from insanely great speakers.(Your favourites included )

Apart from being a great place to learn , Ted talks are also great for public speakers to learn from and ignite the fire in them.

And the best part? You could be the speaker one day.Ted is a global event and therefore incorporates speakers from all over the world.:)

Check out these video suggestions.

Another option is Audiobooks. As the name suggests, audiobooks are books read to you.I listen to mine from Youtube such as The Alchemist and i think they are a great alternative and can be downloaded as mp3 to listen on the go.

By the way what sites do you visit? Here are some of the suggested sites

Visit TED YouTube channel and have a look at some of the videos . You can also listen to them via Podcasts.

Enjoy .

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To millennials in developing countries
To millennials in colleges in developing countries
To unemployed millennials in developing countries

2018 has begun, I believe it is going to be a better and different one.2017 has shown us possibilities we never knew existed as it was filled with amazing innovations, events and with the growing population and challenges, new ways to survive.2018 will probably bring more of that.
Looking back a day, nothing much has changed but over time, everything changes massively and while this change is inevitable and necessary it is not easy.
Let me rephrase that, the necessary changes are not easily brought about. Being creatures of habits that we are and having a limit in normal brain function , creativity and adaptability, the reliable agents of change are those that can achieve these maximally and that my fellow twentiz happens to be us TODAY.

We are a generation that has lived not too far from “ancient” times and grew up watching the world transform to a village right in front of us. While these changes may be too much magic for baby boomers, and very normal for generation Z, we probably understand the most the essence of these changes and how they are not just fun, but essential.
We watched our parents go to their 9-5 jobs, which are basically 6-11 to enroll us in school and looking forward to being part of the system. Statistically, by the time we qualified to join the system,

1.We were not really qualified, instead of knowledgeable problem-solving graduates, we had crammed and copied our way to the TOP or, so we thought, employees complained of the lack of professionalism and more skills they looked for in employees.

And our problems persisted

2.The government was trying to recruit everyone in to education and not having enough funds to employ all who qualifies.

Our problems persisted

And when we qualified,

3.The workplace was nothing like what we thought it would be, and all the time we had spent learning all the hard stuff, was nothing because we had to learn how to work, something school was known for not providing

Our problems persisted

4.Our 9-5 jobs weren’t making the cut. At the end of the months, we were tired, broke and unfulfilled.
Our problems persisted
We surely felt betrayed by the system we had had to impress for the 20 years of our education. And some news leaked that self-employment was solution to the graduates flooding the streets with certificates that have been photocopied so much they knew the stationary by the street like home. And so, we rushed to this self-employment, we threw our certificates under the bed to open beauty and garment shops beside fast food stands that our friends had started to be able to manage life. Somehow, this helped some.

But our problems persisted

While we may have found means to feed and dress ourselves and others, I am not sure they were what we had in mind in the 20+ years we sat in classes dustier that roads in Mikumi national park.
Today only about 2% of the Tanzanian population have university education. With each level we worked mad hard, to get to the next level, For what?
To open a popcorn, stand and throw your knowledge to the bin as the health status stagnates, infrastructures break down unable to support the growing population and everyone, but everyone is working towards lessening the problems and we hope someone but us will be concerned about how our land is utilized, the health of our family and friends and how they travel, get education or age.

The truth is we are the change,
Let us get into the so-called system and see what is and figure out what could be. Let us maintain the beliefs in ourselves, collaborate with each other as the education training we are receiving also becomes an asset for change and not merely a means of family planning.
We do not need one more popcorn stand, we need people who can analyses situations and come up with solutions. For now, it is us. With sufficient education and information and with facilitative policies and the will to look beyond doing the required minimal, we are going to make massive essential changes in our societies and find means for our living in the process.

Because truth be told. we knew how to make popcorn when we were three years old.

Some definitions

Baby boomers : born between 40s and 60s

Millenials born between 80s and 90s

Generation Z : born in 2000s

9-5 – The usual job hours

Hoping to learn alot from The Launch Pad Tanzania Entrepreneurial & Employability Skills Development Conference

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