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On Wednesdays we crush hard on someone and our crush for today is Samantha Chepi . A 19 year old Tanzanian lady doing multiple things  under the brand samichepi.

Offering a wide range of products and services  like jewelery design and diamond grading  she is also an author , director , co-producer , magazine editor and CEO , recording artist , actress , hair care expert and mentor . Did I say she is only 19 years old? Samantha is the ultimate queen of all trades.


I started SamiChepi 2  years ago in hopes that I will be able to create something suitable for everyone, affordable and easy to use. I believe in the art of creating things and earning the freedom to do something your heart is happy with.

Her instagram handle is @samichepi , and her jewelry store is samichepi jewelry

Till next time.

Believe in yourself



When you feel stressed to complete a certain task , that stress keeps you in alignment with the path you are on. This is good stress and is relieved after completing that particular task.

But then there is the kind of stress that doesn’t serve a purpose for you.It leaves you experiencing anxiety , disconnected and may even end up in depression or a panic attack.

There are times in your lives when something is at stake and you  are worried. Times like sickness of loved ones , financial and relationship issues ,failure in work or studies and so much more. While I’d love to sit here and tell you not to stress , i have been there and i know it wont work. Stressing is human . Stress is a signal .Therefore you should not end up at worrying. If stressing has

i.taken you to a dark place

ii. seems like it is going to or

iii.for the sake of knowledge

Here are ways to deal with stressing and avoiding or getting out of depression.

  1. Identify the origin of your worry  . This may be something that you are experiencing  at that time like failure or a long-term thing.  Make peace with your past. Some incidents may have damaged you, you need to acknowledge that they happened and that they hurt you and grow from them . Beware of your fears and traits and realize that they may also  be the cause of your stress.
  2. Identify your  power in this situation .Getting stuck at worrying isn’t healthy. See what you can do to deal with your stressor . If its a relationship crisis see if you can do something to make it work, or address your partner on some thing that can be done . Ask for a make up test and prepare for it so you don’t fail, ask for forgiveness, forgive . Do something to change the outcome of the situation you are in.
  3. Speak to someone APPROPRIATE . A friend preferably one who understands your situation and isn’t afraid of giving you honest advice . And sometimes that friend is God . So Pray.
  4. Build a great emotional support group. Do not get too immersed in the #hustleislife and forget on your need for human interaction . However big or powerful you may be.Develop a healthy emotional intelligence and a healthy routine ; this is 2017 , we know all work and no play makes you a dull person.
  5. Learn your lesson and move on
  6. Consider therapy. I come from a country  where we go to heal malaria, rashes, fever and physical wounds. We are keen on that. Our physical health but not so keen on our mental health. How many times have we been told to get over it and move on, we need to clean up messes in our lives. Clean up the mess after your broken relationship and family, then move on.You are not a Tsunami. The heart that gets broken today is the one that’s going to love to tomorrow. So make it ready again.when-ur-stressed-out-but-you-play-it-cool-9552786
  7. Do not self medicate and make an effort to stay addiction free

All the best


Till next time


women hate

There are hard truths to swallow. And one of them is that women do hate each other.

Sometimes way too massively.

For as long as I remember I have heard , witnessed and even experienced   women putting down other women and conflicts over best friends, boyfriends, job positions, social acceptance and all that.

There have been millions of conversations on why women hate each other and so many efforts have been put to alleviate this issue.

And there have been several attempts to explains this. AND the common one has been that it is a woman thing.

women hate each other


These things start at a young age as when girl steal hairbands and join forces to laugh at other girls.

I did some google search and i found out that;

Evolutionary psychology  explains this as a natural phenomenon. It says that women are natural caretakers. They are psychologically programmed this way. And so, anything that shows a threat to the thriving of their off springs whether they are present or not needs to be acted upon. And that is why , women don’t hate all women they  hate some men too, because these people may  pose as threats to the thriving of their off springs, or perceived off springs.

Can we have a moment of silence to appreciate this.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do women hate each other?

Why do you think they do?


Before I got in touch with the internet I used to stare at clothes, shoes, home decorations and all that in magazines (I still do) . When I was finally able to google something, I fell in love with eBay, I would stare at shoes and admire several of then the ask my younger sister for her opinion. After that I would choose two or one pair, add it to my cart and then chill FOREVER.

Funny I know

I didn’t  have a credit card at that time and even when I got one I did the same thing.

I would look at things online and admire them and add them to my cart, then remove them. I heard so many horror stories on online theft and fraud.  I wasn’t about to risk my credit card information just to get some shoe and yarn from eBay.

Here are three lifesavers for Online shopping

  1. Kikuu

Kikuu is an online shopping application that links African consumers to a wide range of products in China. Delivery and shipping are free. You only pay the amount you see on the APP which are relatively cheaper to all local and foreign platforms. It takes about 15 days to get the items to the consumer and it is delivered through their express company at no cost. Payment can be done by mobile transfer too.


Like the download of any other social or commercial application, please Visit either the Google Play store or Apple App Store and enter Kikuu in the search option. Then you download and register an account .

  1. Easy Buy Africa

I have only learnt about this recently

Easy buy Africa is a great online company that saves you the worry on shipping and picking up of your product. All you need to do is order your product (from the comfort of your own home or at their offices which has great Italian coffee by the way) and go pick it up at their office. It requires you to open a free account and pay a certain amount depending on what you are purchasing. The other good thing is you can pay in your local currency even using mobile transfer.

Such an awesome thing right?


  1. Pay pal

PayPal is for everyone who pays online. It is safe because your credit card details aren’t shared to whomever you are buying stuff from. It is simple because a very large percent of online shops accepts this payment method and so you only require a password to confirm buying something. This saves you from having to enter your bank details everywhere you shop. Another thing is pay pal checks to see if there is any mismatch in the transaction which makes it even more safer.

So, to open an active PayPal account you need to activate your credit card for e-commerce service. This means calling your Bank providers or visiting. Once you have done that you can now link your PayPal account to your credit card and shop WISELY (This is a topic for another day.)


What is your opinion on safe online shopping especially in Tanzania? Leave that in the comments below .

If this article had added some knowledge in any way feel free to share as much as you can( we deeply appreciate that)

Leave any questions below concerning online shopping as well as your email so you get notified when there is a new post.

Till next time, keep becoming the adults you want to be.


SITES YOU SHOULD VISIT….Once in a while.

Hello twenties,I’m sure you all had a great weekend,and so here’s another week and I thought you’d want to explore some new today I’d love to share with you some sites that I always take time to read,and that I think you buddies should read too.These sites contain a lot of information that you may not necessarily get on social media..

COSMOPOLITAN..well Cosmo is my all time favourite. This touches the areas of beauty,style as well as love.In here you’ll learn a lot about sex & relationships,beauty and so much to do with style too.I’m sure ladies we’ll be fond of this..with Cosmo you can get daily updates as much as you want!

FORBES …so those tech guys,entrepreneurs and investors.. This is your playground. Forbes is actually a global media company which focuses in investing, business, entrepreneurship as well as investing.. This is one great place to combine a taste of a well rounded smart person..Of course it may sound odd to you,but Forbes is a cool place to learn stuffs no one might tell you.
JUST A GUY THING..Men this is actually for it reads,”just a guy thing” ,it’s a site for men with lots of news,sports,style, technology, health, relationships and so many stuffs that any man could actually enjoy…. Check it out.

BUSINESS INSIDERFast growing business site with deep financial, media,technology and other industry  news,updated to meet the reader’s demands daily…All business tips are loaded in here.If you’re thinking of any startup, this could be the right platform to learn new ideas for your business…

VOGUE…. the latest fashion news,beauty coverage,celebrity style,fashion week updates,culture senses and many more are all found in Vogue.. So what else will you miss here..
So many other sites that I couldn’t mention them all,Pinterest , tumbler and so many others,,,so beloved  reader I hope you’ll leave a comment on other sites that you think we should know about….

Until then,have a prosperous week ……



Welcome dear twenties, you are exactly where you need to be; it is another day, quite a blue Monday.  Isn’t it? Honestly I don’t know what that means, but let’s get on with the real business.

This is the official site for special twenties like us, where we get our goals set, plan our future and get our moods up like how real twenties do out there.

Before I give you the UBUYU of today I have a question for you. Have you ever been so high such that you get feelings to fire your boss or slap your dad or piss in the military playground?  If you haven’t its fine and if you have that means nothing, I was just messing up with you.

I think we all know WAHENGA; I like these guys a lot, like really a lot. Such stylish grey hair on their heads and so much wisdom in it: isn’t it super cool?

So this weekend I met one, not that much of grey hair on him but wise enough to be one. I told him about my troubles and difficulties from last semester and all that. I also told him about those break ups I had with my girlfriend and troubles with my GPA.  Also about my decisions to leave aside sports and my blogging and put my entire mind to studies. You know the kind of heat here in MED school.

So I got something from him and found worth sharing. He told me “WHEN YOU DRINK TEA, DRINK TEA”, he added “all laws of physics and nature abide to this, if you follow this all your troubles will be put to an end”.MULTITASK2.jpg

I did put some thought to it and I think we don’t have to quit anything to do well in something we think to be of more importance to us. The key is concentration: drink tea, when you drink tea and enjoy your tea. For there will not be any other moment for tea, enjoy the moment. When it is time for prayer-make the most of it, when it is time for class-make sure you seize that time well, and when it is time for sports or club-make sure you entertain your mind and clear your mind, as for happiness heals your mind and restores your mind to its full function mode, like a factory reset for your phone.

So guys tell me in the comment box below what do you think this wise man was trying to tell me and how do you drink your tea.

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