​I know you have heard of all the Famous failure lines-the most famous one being it is not the end. That you have to pick up yourself and dust yourself off but really how do you do that when you are feeling lousy I have also had several moments when new I had to move on and work towards insisting to new ending to your story. But really, how do you do that when this really feels like the end itself- Sadly, it isn’t. Unless you make it. As long as you are still breathing let me tell you that it shouldn’t be over. Now I know I sound like all those Inspirational quotes you have seen and heard all your life but please hear me out. 
You should realize that the educational system isn’t linear there are several entry points. Let us call those points detours. These detours are not paths that lead to nowhere-these detours may either lead you home or take you back to the main road which is the linear educational system we_ assume. You may also discover something better as you go on about the detour Yes it wasn’t a part of your path. We all_ have images of how we want our lives to unfold. Sometimes things go right and sometimes they go left

Be honest and explore your options. For example, say youwant to pursue a degree in a certain field. Let me rephrase that say you want to become a medical doctor. Not being able to join the university for MD does not mean that you can no longer have that degree or become that doctor. It simply means that you are going to have to take a different path to get to the same destination. The destination doesn’t have to change BUT the road can. 

Because at the end of the day a man is solely a product of his/her experiences. There is so much to learn on that unforeseen path. The Important thing at any education level is to network, build the-required skill set and never consider yourself a minor.

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