Some talks are just satisfying ,If you also love listening to other great minds , then TED  talks are for you.Check out these few of our favorites.

How to draw your life.Connecting where you are and where you want to be.


The defining decade book for twenty something summary .This book explains why your twenties are your very important years.Check out this video for main points.

Success lies in the  end of your comfort zone.Know why and how you can get where you want by leaving all the comfortable things behind.

Tiye Harris talks about finding the right partner and what to consider.Looks are also on the list.Know what are your core essentials and desirables .Watch all the three videos in this series .

Caroline Mutoko is my personal favorite.In this video she tells you why your twenties matter. Check also her other video called ” Ladies, Quit average attitude”


Share your thoughts and lessons in the comments below.

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Categories: TWENTIES


  1. Wow ..i feel like every bit of what I really want will now come to reality ..!!!my comfort zone is gonna turn to mad and ashes !!!I’ll go grind bind and chase those dreams against all odds..thanks Herie ..this is epic👌


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