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Habari zenu wasomaji was blogu hii. Karibuni katika makala nyingine katika blog hii. Leo tutazungumzia Kansa ya shingo ya kizazi .

Kwa lugha rahisi kabisa ,kansa ni ugonjwa unaosababishwa na kubadilika Kwa seli za sehemu fulani ya mwili. Seli hizi husambaa katika maeneo jirani na kushindwa kufanya kazi zake vizuri. Hivyo Kansa ya shingo ya kizazi (Kwa kiingereza cervical cancer ) ni hali inayotokea katika shingo ya kizazi. Kansa ya shingo ya kizazi ni moja Kati ya magonjwa yanayoongoza kuua wanawake duniani na husababisha ugumba.

Nikiwa shuhuda wa vifo vya wanawake wa karibu , kufahamu kuwa ugonjwa huu una kinga basi ningependa kuwafahamisha kansa ya kizazi ni nini na ni kwa jinsi gani unaweza kujikinga.

Visababishi vya kansa havijulikani bado . Kati ya vitu vinavyochangia ni mfumo wa maisha yani chakuka ,mazoezi nk. Kwa upande wa kansa ya kizazi chakula na mazoezi vina nafasi yake lakini kuwa na mahusiano ya kimapenzi na watu wengi , kujihusisha na ngono katika umri mdogo (hii huwaweka wasichana wadogo wengi hatarini) huongeza uwezekano wa MTU kuathirika na HPV virus ambae huongeza uwezekano wa MTU kupata kansa ya kizazi .

Turudie tena

Chakula na mazoezi vina nafasi yake lakini kuwa na mahusiano ya kimapenzi na watu wengi , kujihusisha na ngono katika umri mdogo (hii huwaweka wasichana wadogo wengi hatarini) huongeza uwezekano wa MTU kuathirika na HPV virus ambae huongeza uwezekano wa MTU kupata kansa ya kizazi .Uvutaji wa sigara na matumizi ya dawa za uzazi wa mpango pia humuweka mtu hatarini.

Baada ya kufahamu hilo niseme kuwa kila msichana na mwanamke ambae anajihusisha na vitendo vya kujamiiana  yupo katika hatari hii.

Dalili za kansa ya kizazi ni pamoja na maumivu wakati wa kujamiiana na kutoka damu, kutoka majimaji yenye harufu mbaya wakati wa hedhi pamoja na siku za kawaida , maumivu katika sehemu za chini za mwili .

Habari njema ni kwamba wizara ya afya inatoa chanjo ya kansa ya shingo ya kizazi bure kwa wasichana kati ya umri wa miaka 9 hadi 13.Hivyo ni vizuri kuwahimiza watoto wetu kupata chanjo hiyo.

Lakini pia kuanzia umri wa miaka 25 unaweza kwenda kupima kwani kansa ya kizazi ikigundulika mapema inaweza kutibika . Wanawake wenye umri kati ya miaka 25 hadi 30 wanahitaji kupima mara moja kwa miaka mitatu na kuanzia hapo wapime mara moja kwa mwaka mpaka watakapofika miaka 50.Baada ya hapo wanaweza kuacha.

Kwa ocean road hospital upimaji huu hufanyika jumatatu mpaka alhamisi kuanzia saa moja mpaka saa saba.

Kupimwa huu kunafanyika bure na tiba pia ni bure kama ilivyo kwa kansa zote. . Ni vizuri ukamuuliza daktari wa magonjwa ya wanawake au fika katika kituo cha afya cha karibu ili upate kipimo hicho.

Nawatakia afya njema na nakaribisha maswali au nyongeza yeyote katika comments hapo chini.




NO ONE under the sun doesn’t want to feel happy and experience a broad smile on his or her face. The only thing people want is someone to cheer them up so they put a smile on their face.Unfortunately  we forget cheering up ourselves is our very own task.

So here are nine simple tips to experience more joy in life

Prepared by Bhoke

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Call a friend

The best  predictor that we have of a person’s happiness is the breadth and the depth of their relationships. Just make sure you are calling a friend who genuinely wants to catch up with and not you feel like you should call.  “We tend to be a lot happier when we are thinking about other people”, says Carter.

Say thank you

Research shows that even just thinking about something you are thankful for can put you in a more joyful mindset. But expressing that feeling is even better. Also don’t forget to tell someone else what quality specifically you appreciate about them. For example you may say to your colleague “Thank you for taking the trash out. You know how much I hate that job, and it shows what a thoughtful person you are.”

Head outside

Being in nature or even just looking at a picture of it for some reason you can’t get outdoors­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__can help you feel less stressed. Going for a walk in a green space or near water get your heart pumping and deepen your breathing, both of which can help put you in a more positive mindset.

Take a deep breath

Speaking of breathing is a favorite trick to activate the vagus nerve which can create feelings of well being. The easiest way to do that? Inhale for four seconds, pause for one second, then exhale, really deeply for five seconds. Repeat the process 10 times.

Eat more healthy fats (and avoid bad ones)

Tran’s fats can cause feelings of aggression and agitation, but Omega-3 can create feelings of calm and even help prevent some forms of depression. Eat foods such as fish, walnuts, and chia seeds.

Change your outlook on stress

Ever have one of those days where there are a million things on your to-do list and you feel like there’s no way you can possibly get them all done? One of the quickest ways to reverse that overwhelmed feeling is to view stress in opposite ways.

Break a sweat

When you are really angry and stressed, you have more adrenaline in your system. To clear it out and starting to feel more Zen is to do something to get your heart rate up, like going for a run.

Put in your headphones

Even if you listen to music to lift your spirit already, it’s nice to know that research shows it can definitely help boost your mood.


Think beyond just pleasure

Many people equate happiness with pleasure. But if you view joy for what it really is, a wider spectrum of positive emotions, you will ultimately feel more satisfied. Pleasure; whether you get it from a new pair of shoes or a promotion at work, activate the reward center in the brain, which leaves you craving more. But it’s also fleeting. Other feelings like contentedness, inspiration, and awe also make you feel good in a way that doesn’t set you up a crash afterward.

What is it that you do experience more joy in your life.

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You are twenty

You are capable

You are trying

You are powerful.

Have a great week.


Hellow Twentiz, How are you ? It is another beautiful day here above the ground and i would love to share my thoughts with you.

Okay so i had a really tiresome day yesterday. And after almost spraining my ankle , having my wig pulled off as i fought to get a seat in daladala (kidding 🙂 ) , well i just sat there second from the back seat listening to music. As we were on the road i saw something that really caught my eye.


seriously it was not about the popcorn , they were packed really well and i found out that they tasted good too. So i brought them and as i was eating them , i thought about this. About packaging.


Let us talk about packaging. Packaging is a marketing strategy. Packaging may either add value or lower it. Depends on how you do it.  And this is the problem with most locally produced products. Packaging. creative packaging . I think if you are going to make a product, get some creative (s) to help you design how the product appears.

We like to feel like we are putting our money to good use. even when it isnt so good.So the only thing that will draw more customers to your product is package. If we like what we see, we wanna have it . SIMPLE.


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Good day Twentiz, How are you doing? I really missed you.

I didn’t post last week because i was sick the previous week and so didn’t get to prepare a post. Moving on , i am doing well and with the first quarter of the year gone , i am sharing  some lessons i have learned so far. Another thing do you guys write down any of your plans and put a time frame on them ? The reason i am asking this is , i think if you say you want to accomplish 1 2 3  4  in 2017 and say 1 should be done by march, then acting on that and focusing on it. It becomes much easier what do you guys think?Let me know in the comments below

Okay , Lets go

Follow your freaking instincts

 Whenever you compare your self with others , you are comparing your backstage with their performance. so don’t

 Many times i say i cant , i really mean to say i wont

 Do what really WORKS for you.Almost everyone is trying their best.

I’d rather have done it yesterday.

There is nothing that will come your way , that you cant handle . Unless its a semi trailer

Sleep and water are very important .

Speak your mind or forever get stepped on.

If it pisses you off ALWAYS. Stop getting pissed.

 Live in the moment. It is sometimes all we have.

Trust your instinct

Trust your goddamn freaking instincts

Time makes some things bearable.

Family comes first

Trust your struggle

 Your Network is your Networth.Put yourself out there

Its okay to make new friends. Old friends are Gold.

See things for what they are and ask for help.

Okay that is 19 lessons. I am giving you the honor to add the 20th lesson. As many as you can . Leave a comment below.

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Have a productive week .



Hello Ladies (and Guys ), If you haven’t noticed this is a new section on the blog and it is a health section where we’ll be talking about well Health ( isnt that so obvious) . Welcome

There is also a new lifestyle section, as a lover of fashion, style, DIY  and decor , i simply cant let that gift go to waste.So good things are coming loves, better things.


So the other day i had a sleep over at my friends place and well being medical students and being women, my friend brought up the cervical cancer topic. Having witnessed the loss of a loved one , i was keen than ever to listen . So lets break that down .

what is cervical cancer?

The body cells are of a certain type of shape depending on what they do . So an abnormal change in this structure or rapid growth or multiplication is basically what cancer is . When this cancer occurs in the junction between the vagina and the uterus called the cervix, it is what we call cervical cancer.

Why is cervical cancer such a burning issue?

Being caused by HPV virus,HPV is estimated to be the among  common sexually transmitted infection. In fact, by age 50 approximately 80% of women have been infected with some type of HPV. The majority of women infected with the HPV virus do NOT develop cervical cancer.(NCCC)

What are methods of cervical  Cancer contraction ?


Causes and risk factors for cervical cancer include human papillomavirus(HPV) infection, having many sexual partners, smoking, taking birth control pills.  Engaging in early sexual contact is also another cause or risk factor because as the genital system is developing from a girls to a woman there is rapid growth and multiplication of the cells and thus making them more susceptible to cancer when infected .

HPV infection may cause cervical dysplasia, or abnormal growth of cervical cells.



Gracefully , the cevical cancer screening test (called pap smear) is totally free in Tanzania. There is even a campaign for that. For those aged 21 to 30 years it is reccomended to test once in three years and one every year after 30 years. This can stop when you are past 50 .

The attending will have you lie down and take a sample from your vagina and use that to test for presence of cancerous cells.

The test checks for growing cancerous cells in the cervix , it is mildy or not painful at all.


I have also heard on vaccines given to under 9 year olds and would highly suggest that you encourage your young daughters to get them.

Many mild and moderately abnormal cells will go away on their own without treatment. Removing cells that are pre-cancerous can prevent cervical cancer from developing. If left untreated, pre-cancerous cells may progress to cancer cells, but that can take 10 to 15 years.( arhp)


I would love to urge you guys to get screened for cervical cancer. Considering the risk it holds, then prevention is way better than cure.

Have a healthy week. Let us build a healthy TwentiesCo community . Do share this with all women and men so they can share with women .


Any questions or feedback? The comment section is forever open .