Welcome dear twenties, you are exactly where you need to be; it is another day, quite a blue Monday.  Isn’t it? Honestly I don’t know what that means, but let’s get on with the real business.

This is the official site for special twenties like us, where we get our goals set, plan our future and get our moods up like how real twenties do out there.

Before I give you the UBUYU of today I have a question for you. Have you ever been so high such that you get feelings to fire your boss or slap your dad or piss in the military playground?  If you haven’t its fine and if you have that means nothing, I was just messing up with you.

I think we all know WAHENGA; I like these guys a lot, like really a lot. Such stylish grey hair on their heads and so much wisdom in it: isn’t it super cool?

So this weekend I met one, not that much of grey hair on him but wise enough to be one. I told him about my troubles and difficulties from last semester and all that. I also told him about those break ups I had with my girlfriend and troubles with my GPA.  Also about my decisions to leave aside sports and my blogging and put my entire mind to studies. You know the kind of heat here in MED school.

So I got something from him and found worth sharing. He told me “WHEN YOU DRINK TEA, DRINK TEA”, he added “all laws of physics and nature abide to this, if you follow this all your troubles will be put to an end”.MULTITASK2.jpg

I did put some thought to it and I think we don’t have to quit anything to do well in something we think to be of more importance to us. The key is concentration: drink tea, when you drink tea and enjoy your tea. For there will not be any other moment for tea, enjoy the moment. When it is time for prayer-make the most of it, when it is time for class-make sure you seize that time well, and when it is time for sports or club-make sure you entertain your mind and clear your mind, as for happiness heals your mind and restores your mind to its full function mode, like a factory reset for your phone.

So guys tell me in the comment box below what do you think this wise man was trying to tell me and how do you drink your tea.

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  1. In everything you do….make sure you do it 100 percent. Simply MAKE THE MOST OF IT.
    With my tea I put a lot of ingredients including chilly and drink it to the latest drop, no matter how it tastes.