At least once ,each one of us has experienced rejection . From someone you were looking to build a relationship with to be more precise.It can be particularly challenging,especially to individuals who desire a long lasting relationship .Individuals with lower self esteem may find rejection more painful and it may take time for them to recover .

rejection hurts

Few months ago when I went for a part time job interview at Posta in Dar es Salaam,I met a childhood friend that I hadn’t seen for years .I asked her if we could have a girls day out, and that’s when she shared with me her sad rejection story. She’s been in love with a young man a year older than her; it all started out well but few months later the relationship ended coldly!

crying beause of break up

THE GOOD NEWS is that, regardless of the number of times you’ve been rejected by that one person whom you felt meant the whole universe to you, you can still bounce back.
With these five meaningful tips, you’ll be great again!

  1. Accept and embrace rejection positively .Being rejected by that significant other does not mean you do not have what it takes to deserve affection .This means you should accept the fact that someone else isn’t willing and ready to start a new journey with you .Having realized this will help you avoid several problems such as developing an inferiority complex and health problems that may be a result of prolonged stress.
  2. Communicate with someone you trust .They say feelings expressed are better off than those hidden .Take advantage of the people you trust ,and hear out what they have to tell you .That way you’ll have eased the burden by listening to their own personal stories .Believe me ,there’s something that will act as opium for that particular moment .
  3. Try new things every now and then .Ever imagined what your life could have been if you had never met that person? Marvelous! so how about you go back to all your unfinished businesses ;that sci-fi book you started ,the freelancing job you’ve always wanted ,all your favorite sports or that yummy sushi dish you always wanted to try cook. All these will help in your recovery and eventually gain momentum towards your goals.
  4. Love yourself intensively and extensively .Sometimes we tend to forget what’s really important to us and focus on what doesn’t really matter .NOT everyone you literally fall in love with brings the best in you, and that only means they drain all your energy .Use the rejection to develop better aspects of yourself, not for someone else but for yourself .Enhance your looks and above all maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Have the courage to move on .Never try to ask why that other person rejected you or make them feel guilty, because they won’t, instead have faith in what is to come and that the best people in our lives could take years to show up.Finally, if you want something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours and if it doesn’t it never was.
    What do you think is to be done when rejection hits you?

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  1. Wow, love every bit of it, people should in fact know that you might always be too much for the wrong person but more than enough for the right one, stay twenty…

  2. When you say “I love you” you ar making a Promise with someone else’s heart.There fore we should try to honor it…………Keep it up Herie✊

  3. Believe me by trying those methods,you’ll become great again,you can literally change anything you want in your life,whenever you’re willing to,,,unhealthy relationship should not hold you back

  4. totally helpful..Now tht dream girl in my mind gotta pack her things and hit the road coz am about to do some clean up …I WONT,MISS HER…but tc difficult you know@dearblogger

    • I understand how difficult it is,but finally you need to be strong enough to take the initiative of allowing someone better in your life……The best is yet to come Chally