Eid Mubarak Twentiz and what a long weekend we have.

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I have currently been hooked to Caroline Mutoko’s life lessons on YouTube. She shares several lessons from her twenties and what better way to learn about your twenties than from someone ready to talk about theirs.

I wanted to share this with you, why twenties? So, most people think that your twenties are the years you should have everything figured out.


That is not the case, It is the time to figure things out. To spin your life the direction you want it to go.

If that wasn’t the case then why would twenties be the defining decades, or a lost decade.


Your twenties are for searching for yourself.These are years you should spend exploring. Trying new things , meeting new people and basically its your first full dip in real life.


To see whether that hobby of you can make you money or not. To see whether that drinking is the best thing on every Friday night .To go to places you have always wanted to go. To attend events you have always wanted to attend. To have fun . Avoid drama and toxicity .

But most of all your twenties are the years to work toward your dreams .


And most of the time  in your twenties , there will never be the right moment . NEVER . Just Do It.

twenties to do list

You can afford mistakes but you also have to learn to fail fast because you need to fail enough so that you can move past your mistakes to the person you want to be .

Practice habits you want your adult self to have . Your twenties are for building yourself.

What do you think your Twenties are for? Leave a comment below.

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Till next Monday .Keep your twenties epic and alive .


  1. ~ It’s time to research your goals and ultimately, you shouldn’t have a big list of goals at this stage.. maybe 3 or 5 but no more than 10 purposeful goals, especially when looking at a short time frame like 6 months.

    ~ Start looking into each of your goals and start researching and understanding what it would take for you to achieve each one.

    ~ You want to come up with a few good ideas about how to actually go about achieving your goals and most importantly how you could get started

    ~ Once you have got a good idea of what’s involved for each goal then you can start to Focus on how you can take that information and understanding and implement that into your life.

    ~ At the end of the day, you’ve got to be able to execute with whatever tools and resources you have and start from whatever situation or circumstances you find yourself in at the moment.