The youngest person on last year’s FORBES AFRICA 30 under 30 list hails from one of the continent’s smallest countries.

Doe was brought up by a single mother with five children in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. At age 11, he built a music set for entertainment; at 14 he upgraded it to a radio transmitter, all from scrap electronic pieces he picked on his way home back from school. At 16, he built a battery from acid, soda and metals from the bin. “There was a big electricity problem and school kids were suffering not being able to study at night, so I decided to make a battery that would provide electricity to some people. Sometimes, lights would come on once a week and the rest of the month it’s dark.”

Doe has also made an emergency shoe charger and a homemade amplifier.  His company, K-Doe Tech, also provides tools, workshops, mentorship, resources and networks, ultimately equipping young people in Sierra Leone with unique opportunities to take their future into their own hands. He currently works with people between the ages of 12 and 25.

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