Before I got in touch with the internet I used to stare at clothes, shoes, home decorations and all that in magazines (I still do) . When I was finally able to google something, I fell in love with eBay, I would stare at shoes and admire several of then the ask my younger sister for her opinion. After that I would choose two or one pair, add it to my cart and then chill FOREVER.

Funny I know

I didn’t  have a credit card at that time and even when I got one I did the same thing.

I would look at things online and admire them and add them to my cart, then remove them. I heard so many horror stories on online theft and fraud.  I wasn’t about to risk my credit card information just to get some shoe and yarn from eBay.

Here are three lifesavers for Online shopping

  1. Kikuu

Kikuu is an online shopping application that links African consumers to a wide range of products in China. Delivery and shipping are free. You only pay the amount you see on the APP which are relatively cheaper to all local and foreign platforms. It takes about 15 days to get the items to the consumer and it is delivered through their express company at no cost. Payment can be done by mobile transfer too.


Like the download of any other social or commercial application, please Visit either the Google Play store or Apple App Store and enter Kikuu in the search option. Then you download and register an account .

  1. Easy Buy Africa

I have only learnt about this recently

Easy buy Africa is a great online company that saves you the worry on shipping and picking up of your product. All you need to do is order your product (from the comfort of your own home or at their offices which has great Italian coffee by the way) and go pick it up at their office. It requires you to open a free account and pay a certain amount depending on what you are purchasing. The other good thing is you can pay in your local currency even using mobile transfer.

Such an awesome thing right?


  1. Pay pal

PayPal is for everyone who pays online. It is safe because your credit card details aren’t shared to whomever you are buying stuff from. It is simple because a very large percent of online shops accepts this payment method and so you only require a password to confirm buying something. This saves you from having to enter your bank details everywhere you shop. Another thing is pay pal checks to see if there is any mismatch in the transaction which makes it even more safer.

So, to open an active PayPal account you need to activate your credit card for e-commerce service. This means calling your Bank providers or visiting. Once you have done that you can now link your PayPal account to your credit card and shop WISELY (This is a topic for another day.)


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