The best thing about December holidays is the discounts (wink).  One of the things I was eagerly waiting to be on discount were books. If you are on a budget ( or broke or you just love discounts) then you should keep track of seasons.

I am currently reading a book Nan S Russell called hitting your stride. It is a book about bringing the best of yourself in to your working place (or whatever your main activity is).

I would love to share with you something from the Fourth chapter titled the stories we tell. Hop Along


Stories you tell’ discusses the power of story and powerful difference in the results we get and the impact we have. If your story is a victim’s story, then you will find problems. If it’s about winning at work and achieving your life’s potential, you will see challenges to meet. It’s not about the words, but the vision behind them. How you see your life is how you live it.


We tell stories about ourselves or others to our friends, family and sometimes even strangers (unknowingly). The prime listeners of our stories are ourselves. We build our life around the stories we tell. So, what stories are you telling. As a writer, I believe in the power of words, A single event can be told by more than a hundred people in hundreds of ways. How are you telling yours?


Just as we tell stories about other people, we listen to other people’s stories about us.  These stories may not be necessarily true, that is why you should only believe in what you test and judge to be true. Because too often the stories told tell us about the teller. The wonderful thing about stories is


 Everyone out there has a story, they may not even know it. But if you tell your story and make them re frame the way they organize their thoughts and generally how they do things then you will have influenced positively (hopefully). And this is the second reason to why you should tell your story well.

The stories we tell influence how we are perceived at our community. Whether you are a team player or not a team player, victim or problem solver, resilient or discouraged, approachable or distant. They also affect how we see ourselves because YOU LIVE INTO YOUR STORY.

I think the bottom line is we should transform your story telling from an automatic reaction into a considered decision . Only then can we bring the difference , offer the best of our selves and even open new possibilities.

Till next time , SAYONARA


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