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So the other day i had a sleep over at my friends place and well being medical students and being women, my friend brought up the cervical cancer topic. Having witnessed the loss of a loved one , i was keen than ever to listen . So lets break that down .

what is cervical cancer?

The body cells are of a certain type of shape depending on what they do . So an abnormal change in this structure or rapid growth or multiplication is basically what cancer is . When this cancer occurs in the junction between the vagina and the uterus called the cervix, it is what we call cervical cancer.

Why is cervical cancer such a burning issue?

Being caused by HPV virus,HPV is estimated to be the among  common sexually transmitted infection. In fact, by age 50 approximately 80% of women have been infected with some type of HPV. The majority of women infected with the HPV virus do NOT develop cervical cancer.(NCCC)

What are methods of cervical  Cancer contraction ?


Causes and risk factors for cervical cancer include human papillomavirus(HPV) infection, having many sexual partners, smoking, taking birth control pills.  Engaging in early sexual contact is also another cause or risk factor because as the genital system is developing from a girls to a woman there is rapid growth and multiplication of the cells and thus making them more susceptible to cancer when infected .

HPV infection may cause cervical dysplasia, or abnormal growth of cervical cells.



Gracefully , the cevical cancer screening test (called pap smear) is totally free in Tanzania. There is even a campaign for that. For those aged 21 to 30 years it is reccomended to test once in three years and one every year after 30 years. This can stop when you are past 50 .

The attending will have you lie down and take a sample from your vagina and use that to test for presence of cancerous cells.

The test checks for growing cancerous cells in the cervix , it is mildy or not painful at all.


I have also heard on vaccines given to under 9 year olds and would highly suggest that you encourage your young daughters to get them.

Many mild and moderately abnormal cells will go away on their own without treatment. Removing cells that are pre-cancerous can prevent cervical cancer from developing. If left untreated, pre-cancerous cells may progress to cancer cells, but that can take 10 to 15 years.( arhp)


I would love to urge you guys to get screened for cervical cancer. Considering the risk it holds, then prevention is way better than cure.

Have a healthy week. Let us build a healthy TwentiesCo community . Do share this with all women and men so they can share with women .


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    • It’s is through avoiding multiple sexual partners, smoking as well as second hand smoke , getting the yearly pap smear test and like all cancers a healthy diet and exercise always help. If you can get a HPV vaccine get one.