On Wednesdays we crush hard on someone and our crush for today is Samantha Chepi . A 19 year old Tanzanian lady doing multiple things  under the brand samichepi.

Offering a wide range of products and services  like jewelery design and diamond grading  she is also an author , director , co-producer , magazine editor and CEO , recording artist , actress , hair care expert and mentor . Did I say she is only 19 years old? Samantha is the ultimate queen of all trades.


I started SamiChepi 2  years ago in hopes that I will be able to create something suitable for everyone, affordable and easy to use. I believe in the art of creating things and earning the freedom to do something your heart is happy with.

Her instagram handle is @samichepi , and her jewelry store is samichepi jewelry

Till next time.

Believe in yourself


  1. am an everyday reader of twentysco…am proud to see young gals doing things which are positive impressing…am proud of this young growing generation that keeps their extra time for others…

  2. That is more inspiring.. We get to learn and acquire courage from examples of other people..
    Its how we expose and accept the challenges to get to the top !
    I like the posts on your blog!

  3. I am truly inspired with Samantha Chepi. I hope to learn more from her and engage myself into several activities that would help me build a career and become financialy stable.