Relatinship tips: 5 Things Everyone Needs in A Partner

Why do most relationships feel like fire at first and become so cold and blunt eventually?

They say soup tastes better when served hot, so should relationships end when the fire dies? And what can you do to reignite the fire?

Most of people agree that they lose interest in their crushes as soon as they get together. Many lack the drive to go on with a relationship and eventually end in a break up. 

Here is a post cracking the mystery of this

Love is just a feeling mediated by chemicals released into the blood system to make your body go haywire. When a relationship is new, the levels of such chemical are literally touching the sky.

The same chemicals are released when you see your crush and also responsible for blushing.

Love is just like a reaction between a matchstick and the match. Now, to keep the candle burning

There are 5 things to check before getting deciding to be with someone

Find someone with these things and you will have the world at your feet, stars shining for you, birds singing for you, butterflies in the stomach and all of the myths about love stuffs will be a reality to you.

  1. You must be sexually attracted to them

If you can’t find your partner sexually attractive you will not be able to build a trustful relationship. The heat must be there.

How do you know if you have this: you get turned on by them with relative ease. You must think in any way that part of their physical aspect is attractive to you. It could be height/skin tone/dressing codes/eyes/lips/hair. A wise man once said “genitals don’t lie”.

Alert: if this is missing, you become lovers friends.

  1. Friendship compatibility (personality compatibility)

You need someone who won’t find you weird around them. You need someone you can easily talk /laugh with/joke/flirt , someone you enjoy their company.

How do you know if you have this: you don’t use a lot of energy to say hi! Things come automatically or with relative ease.

Alert: if this is missing you will always find one annoying.

  1. You must have things in common.

You must have non contrasting opinions on sensitive issues like religion/politics/sexuality and stuffs like that.


You need someone you agree in many things than you disagree. These will bind you together more than anything. Being fans of the same football team or having same taste in music is more romantic than anything because they connect you physically and emotionally to a way another level than romance and sex.

  1. They must be your intellectual equal

This doesn’t mean if you are a top ten student you should date a top ten student, No. Intelligence can be defined from many different angles. It could be interpersonal skills or creativity. It doesn’t have to be the same kind of intelligence. You need someone who can challenge you and push you to grow into a better version of yourself.

How do you know if this is missing: if you lack intellectual stimulation, then you will feel bored and unchallenged. You might even gradually lose respect for them because you don’t feel like you are with your equal.

  1. Willingness to commit

This is the most sensitive and needs to be understood clearly. It is a common knowledge that most men/boys are afraid to commit as compared to the opposite side. So when establishing any relationship whether it’s casual or a serious one, you need to make it very clear earlier to avoid being seen clingy and emotionally threaten your partner.

How do you know if you are too clingy: you text constantly/you get nervous when there is no answer/you follow him or her around/you stalk/you don’t trust him or her/you are moving too fast.

So if you are a commitment person, get a person who is ready to commit. Otherwise you will get emotionally tortured.

Can You Make It Work If You Don’t Have Any Three Of These Traits?

Of course. You can make almost any relationship work. It’s a matter of whether or not you want to and what your core values are.

If sex isn’t a huge part of your life, you don’t have to agree with the first point.

The important thing is to connect. So, if you find your own way of connecting and find passion in it, that’s unique and way more romantic.

I hope that this article gets you somewhere in your love life.

Dedicated to your success,