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REASONS YOU CANT SLEEP,And What to do about it.



dealing with insomnia

It’s 2 am and for the fourth time this week, you cant sleep.
You want to sleep but you just cant. You close your eyes and nothing happens .
The next morning you are tired as hell . The dark circles in your eyes are darker than your past and your late nights have not yielded a thing!
Before you spend another minute stressing over how tired you will be tommorow. Check off this list.

1. Leave your bedroom .
If drake didnt say it better . Here it is. As millenials we love our beds. Our beds are our sitting rooms, movie theaters , workspaces and again BEDROOMS!

Spending so much time in your bed room during the day causes your brain to associate your bedroom enviroment with being awake. During the day , this is superb but during the night? Not so much.

Spend the day outside your room and you will notice that you will fall asleep much easier and faster. Work from the garden or another room instead of your bed.
This will also boost your creativity, productivity and break the monotony.

2. Clean
A messy room makes you doubt your ability to regulate and control things. This makes you stressed. Apparently quality sleep is one of the things you cant have when you are stressed.
Consider spring cleaning your room if it fascinates you or clean it bits by bits . Start by making your bed and taking a warm bath .

3 . Coffee, Alcohol , Drugs & Sex
You saw this one coming . Consumption of soda , coffee and other caffeinated drinks less than 4 hours before bed has been shown to make sleeping a tough thing to do.

While alcohol and other drugs may knock you off,they dont make the next morning an easy one to say the least.Being on medications like anti depressants may disturb your sleeping habits.

Sex can actually make it easier to fall asleep. This is mostly because of the hormones that are released during the act. … Plus, having an orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin, which makes youfeel relaxed and sleepy
4. Switch off and Unwind.

Dedicate at least a half an hour before you go to bed to relaxing. This can be by reading a book( paper over screen) , taking a cup of tea or warm water or meditating( not stressing) on the day.

By this time your phone is plugged to recharge( just like you) and off to Dream land you go.

You know that one friend that complains they cant sleep. Share this with them.

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One out two millenials is involved in business. This can be full time or part time.
The reasons for these are different but the bottom line is

We all want our businesses to do better.

Here are ways to achieve that
1. Figure out your unique value
Every business should have one. It could be cheaper prices or faster delivery .You need to know the unique value so that you can market that.
Revisit your business model canvas and discover your unique selling point.

2. Make use of technology.
Did that last customer really praise your product? Screen shot and repost it. Take great photos of your products and show them off. There are several automation tools that can send emails to your customers or reply to DMs on instagram. Make use of these.

3. But be better in person.
If there is one thing we are good at is being great on screen or paper but not as much in person.
Do you deliver what your website or instagram page says?
Word of mouth is so powerful . We all talk about the stuff we buy. We talk about how the soap seemed much bigger in the picture or how kind the delivery or sales person was. Now, you want positive feedback. As much as you cant satsify everyone, you need to do your best.

4. Create a schedule
When you start most things , you are all excited and energetic. This rarely lasts and when these run out, you need discipline to keep going. Create a schedule to keep going and try your best efforts to work accordingly.

What are the ways you make your instagram business successful?

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While the benefits of having a flexible body may be so amazing, going to the gym may not be.

This post has narrowed six practical tips you can actually do to get that body.

  1. Get some cool training equipment

The great thing about sporting attires is they actually make you feel comfortable and proud when you wear them. This tricks your mind into the grind (exercise or sport) even if you are not a sports person. Good quality equipment also protects yourself from unnecessary injuries. Nike sneakers should make you want to just do it.

  1. Run!

You must have run in your life whether you were being chased by a dog or running from a teacher (a run is a run). So this should be easy for you. Running will prepare your body for more demanding exercises. You can listen to music or a recorded audio of a dog barking to make it more fun.

  1. Ten pushups before bath everyday

I have been doing this for two years and I have seen great improvement. Do this every morning and before bath and thank me later. If you have never done pushups you can start with two pushups until you reach ten or more. When you get used to the exercise you can advance to your own number of reps.

  1. Sit ups

Sit ups are the basic exercises to strengthen your trunkmuscles of the back and the belly). Helps in losing weight and achieving a flat tummy. This is how it should be done

  1. Star jumps

Do the star jumps after your runs and pushups to loosen your muscles and relax your body. This increases blood flow to your muscles and prevents muscle fatigue. Learn them here.

  1. Stretch and stay hydrated.

This has similar advantages as the star jumps but this is more specific to a certain set of muscles at a time. You do this to increase your flexibility, stamina and energy. Learn how to stretch as a beginner here.

TIP! Exercising with a partner or a friend becomes fun and ensures consistency. Consistency is very important in exercising especially when you want to reach your body goals.

Regardless of your body size these exercises will increase your flexibility, energy, and most importantly boost your mood and increase happiness in your life.

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