Reading has proved to be a great way to expand your knowledge and understanding among other benefits. however you cannot always get all the information you want from a book. Not that books don’t have it , but you probably are looking for a quick and recent source to challenge and inspire your thinking.

So where do you go to quench your thirst for information , knowledge , empowerment and inspiration?

Well the answer is Ted talks . Ted talks are well structured presentations mostly under 18 minutes about literally all topics from insanely great speakers.(Your favourites included )

Apart from being a great place to learn , Ted talks are also great for public speakers to learn from and ignite the fire in them.

And the best part? You could be the speaker one day.Ted is a global event and therefore incorporates speakers from all over the world.:)

Check out these video suggestions.

Another option is Audiobooks. As the name suggests, audiobooks are books read to you.I listen to mine from Youtube such as The Alchemist and i think they are a great alternative and can be downloaded as mp3 to listen on the go.

By the way what sites do you visit? Here are some of the suggested sites

Visit TED YouTube channel and have a look at some of the videos . You can also listen to them via Podcasts.

Enjoy .

Till next time 🍾🍾