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Why does being in your twenties feel like you have only 5 years of your life to achieve as much as possible?

Why do I feel like i have an approaching deadline for success?

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  1. I think it is perhaps due increase of responsibilities…. Coz at twenties most of us we are thinking more about our future….. How we gonna make family mostly

    • That is true. It is this time that we switch from dependent people and try to live and make it on our own. And since it is the begining, there is so much to learn. Our expectations are high and most first times are here. It therefore normal to feel like its a messy situation but you also have to know they are the ways to grow and become better individuals and adults.

  2. We find it a mess as due to alot comes in our mind and by thinking so one may find only small /none has been accomplished without knowing that challenges are there