Hello , This is one of the final posts of my overcoming fear series. These are testimonies from different people. Ride Along


Before I ever wrote a single word for anyone outside of my immediate family to read, I had a tremendous, debilitating fear of failing. In fact, I was afraid of just about anything. One day, for no reason at all, and with no explanation, I realized that I was wasting my life being afraid of things that did not matter.

I waited a long time in my life to write because I was afraid people would reject my work. I was afraid people would ignore it, mock me, or even worse.


I learned recently though, that if we live our lives afraid we miss out on freedom. For me, the key to overcoming fear was to take immediate action. I am not suggesting foolish action, but, take this story for example:

If you were faced with having to cross a bridge to get to your family or other loved ones, what would you do?

Now, imagine the bridge to be so high off the ground that the people at the bottom look like small dots.

Or, imagine the danger below the bridge to be imminent death should you fall from it.

Adding to this, imagine the bridge having a slight sway in it, and with every step, the entire bridge moves. How do you cross the bridge?

You run.

You sprint.

You tell fear to jump off the bridge and you get to your family.

Fear can paralyze us if we allow it to. I used to be afraid of encouraging others with my words until I realized that my words have tremendous power. All of our words have tremendous power, not just mine.

I overcame fear by taking the exact action I was afraid of taking. Speaking in front of people? Yes, that is a fear of mine. I do it anyway. Meeting new people? Yep. That’s another one.

Maybe you are afraid to take a step towards your goal. Maybe you are afraid to forgive someone. Maybe you are afraid of forgiving yourself.

Fear can paralyze you and rob you of experiencing the fullness of life.

What if I told you, you have more than enough power to overcome fear?

What fear(s) do you face? What makes you tremble?

Overcome it by taking action. Run. Sprint. Cross your bridge and enjoy your life!

Retrieved from Huffington Post