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Moving out of your parents’ house is a major decision.When do you think is the right time to move out ?



  1. I think when you are well financialy equiped, and you think you can manage being independent , then you can move out of your parent’s house.

  2. For a guy,once you feel u are ready to live on your own and face the challenges that comes with that decision..its not not easy but i beleive if you are at the age of 20 and above you can move out of your parents provided you have a job that can give u a sustainable income or you are student getting full government sponsorship..For girls in most of our African cultures its only when you get married but few parents can allow to move out earlier if mayb you are old enough and can sustain life on your own.

  3. It’s safe to move out only when your mind feels ready to venture off on your own. Most youth tend to move out on impulse and rush without much thought on what lies ahead.
    You’ve been living in your parents’ wing for a while. All you had to care about is eating , clothing and sleeping. They were all provided to you. You also had company. You’re coming to the time where you have to live the comfort zone and walk through the steps alone.
    Moving out doesn’t mean freedom to party and have fun. It actually means accepting the huge responsibility to take care of yourself. In order to move out, you need to provide yourself with the basics: food, clothes and shelter. Ask yourself if you’re capable of doing so. Are you able to cope with the sudden change of environment? What about the new circle of people you’re to meet with? Is your mind really able to process that.
    You must remember at home,you were the centre of the universe. Once you go, it’s a complete turnover. You have to work financially, morally and socially to get what you need.
    I might go on length on this but its safe to say The right time to move out is when your body is now capable of taking care of oneself, your mind is ready and mature enough to undertake the new baggage that involves moving out and your soul accepts the reality that is life which isn’t described in any book or movie.
    Once you go, No more crying back to Mommy and Daddy. You deal with your situation head on.

  4. I think when you’re matured enough to handle yourself, to be independent and to understand your responsibility as grown up person… it’s what determines most if you can move out…but that level of maturity might differ depending on the person.

  5. Moving out signifies independence. Moving out signifies maturity. It signifies sense of one being an adult. Moving out starts from when one is still living in. Don’t move out when you barely know how to handle a house hold setting. Don’t move out if you have never gone to and don’t really know how to choose the right groceries. Don’t move out if you know nothing about the quality and prices of cleaning detergents as well as their durability. Don’t move out if all you can do is boil water and dreamingly plan to order paper plate fast food that have higher monthly expenses and are less nutritious. Don’t move out if you are not willing to bond with a whole set of new neighbors with different personalities. Don’t move out to seek maturity. Seek to mature before you move out.
    The right time to move out depends on how ready one is to step up to the adult world as we free ourselves from the warm nests that we were bred in. Don’t move out to feel free from your guardians for freedom is a state of the mind and change of location will not easily grant it. Don’t move out for the sake of fun because once the high time is done, reality sinks in and you have to protect your decision as well as your pride. Moving out is a psychologically irreversible challenge that one wages against the world. So when a Twenty wants to move out that person must have what it takes for Him or Her to stay out. Achieving these equips one with all the basic hints on how to live life as an independent individual