Good day twenties , Its my hope that you are doing fine and are putting time and energy into becoming the better adult you want to be . Can I  say in advance that This post isnt meant to tell you to stop going out and having fun. This post is here to tell encourage you to be present WHERE YOU ARE.

i am afraid of missing out

Its obvious we need some definitions here

FOMO ; The fear of missing out on opportunities, people , experiences and events.Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.

MOJO: Your uniqueness as a person. You shouldnt lose that EVER .

Can i begin by telling you that your uniqueness as a person is very important . Not just to your self but also to the world . We need your unique combination of abilities , talents and characters The world starts spinning in the wrong direction when you think you should be doing what everyone else is doing . You just cant copy and paste someones life into yours.

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We are in a rush to live and in the process we are missing out. We are rushing from one event to another . Before we break ourselves , let us ask ourselves if this fear of missing out is maximizing our potential or draining our energy.

FOMO tells us that we should be doing something better somewhere else. FOMO uses comparison as a tool to do that .

missing events

We end up living day by day proving that we are not missing out . In real sense we are missing out. We are missing out on our lives.Every time we say YES out of the fear of missing out , we say NO to ourselves.

We need courage to  stay on our course and gratitude will keep us grounded and guide us home.


A few things you should know is when you think you will be missing out , you actually wont be missing out .Consider your FOMO as Fun of missing out . Exercise Power and Love . Instead of thinking of what you are missing out , you can also organize your own fun activities and be more present in those you are in. Also instead of crying over missing that night out, you can be happy that your friends had  fun.



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