I am a high school graduate. I never really struggled with passing exams as a young student till I became a high always seemed like there was always homework to be done, a test to study for and so much crap that didn’t seem to get done on time and good. Till I spoke to one of my teachers and I took his advice.  He told me some things and I learnt more in the I have put together what helped me go through high school and get the grades I wanted to. I am hoping you will find them helpful.

1. Have a positive attitude and participate in class.

Your fellow students want to help you succeed as much as you want to see them succeed. So smile to your colleagues, talk to them like you need to and  be friendly.

Do not just sit. Engage , Ask ,Challenge and be challenged . Be fully present . It is a fraction of your life. It matters

2. Make sacrifices.

I took physics, chemistry, biology and math so my hands were  full most of the time. I had to find time in the middle of the night, early mornings and extended my sleep time and holidays too. I am  going to study Medicine  in university .I know it is going to be very challenging and there are more sacrifices to be made. At the end day It didn’t hurt to look back and say ” hey I hustled really hard and made it.”  If I had not worked hard and sacrificed how I did then I would feel guilty and unaccomplished . Who wants that ?

improving your grades

3. Familiarize yourself and make it a part of your life.

All those atoms, wars, protons, hormones and anatomy isn’t what you really live with in the normal world.Why not connect what you are studying with your life. There is this chemistry formula for finding pH of buffer solution that I couldn’t cram. so I put together a sentence that assisted me very well. I wont tell you because it was super weird.

4. Manage your time properly.

And don’t waste others’ time. Better early than late. If there is anything that takes your time, then be sure to make it wait for you instead. For example, our teachers would call us and keep us waiting for like 30 minutes. So some of us would carry our  summaries and keep reading as we waited. And almost everyone soon adopted the habit.

5. Do it when it’s hot.

Have you ever tried washing a two-week dirty plate? Yes, I get the feeling .so the same goes for school work. if you keep an assignment undone for two weeks or more unless it is a project it then becomes a liability. So try your best and do assignment and homework asap.

How about starting now.

6. Do one thing at time.

yes, just like that. the way to do this is to have a planner. plan ahead  how your day is going to go and include the tiny chores like buying tissue paper and you are most likely not going to just sit there. Know your class time-table and plan your day in accordance with it.

7. Map out your life.
You should have goals. there is no way you are toiling without a goal. Whether it is to get a good GPA or to get to the university of your dreams. Just think of that as a reason for all the toil and you’ll know it is worth it.

8. Find the magic spot and time.

There is that place and time where you just experiment with a lot of places till you find it. For me my spot was the library and I tried as much as I could to carry all my equipment before I left for the library because nothing sucks like finally settling down then remembering you forgot a highlighter. Also you should know what your best time to study is. Is it afternoon, early morning or late at night. This brings us to the next tip.

high yield studying

9. Have the equipment

whether it is a book, a ruler, calculator or anything that you have to make reference from, you should at least know where to get them from. You can check free online websites which you can read or download your study materials.

10. Work on the areas you are weak at.

Studying something you know may be so fun and doing questions you enjoy too. But that won’t step up your grades. you should work on the areas that trouble you and that is the only way you can go from one group of grades to another.