​                Being a global citizen in the 21st century is a privilege and a piece of cake. People are connected to each other, giving and receiving information within a click of a second on the palms of their hands.  The growth of science and technology has been of a very big impact in today’s society especially to growing teens and tweens like me and you. It was just last week, I was talking to a good friend who happens to study oversees via whatsapp call, and after a very long nice conversation I began to think, waoh!! Technology makes the world “flat”, I mean its amazing right?. The growth of social medias has taken connection to a whole new level, making life as simplified as unfriending someone on facebook, just a click of a button and voila!! We are not friends anymore.

Never the less, technology has it’s pros and cons. Probably there is more isolation than connection. Have you ever been in a family reunion or party where everyone seems to be praying to a “god” who won’t talk back, thanking him for the communionship but you realize it’s their phones they are busy with?. That is what I’m talking about, technology has created more of “I’s” than “We’s” , technology has brought more of “self-ies”, technology has brought more isolation than connection. While we’re busy chatting with multiple strangers in the internet, technology is denying us the opportunity to make real conversations and connections. I have come to realize most people who look to be “intimate” on social media are “boring” in real life. We can not communicate and hold real conversations anymore. It has become my biggest concern that the 21st tweens can not seat and hold conversations, I mean who approaches a girl in real life anymore? (you’re smiling right), these small things called phones have replaced “I love you” to “I luv u” and someone out there thinks there is no difference between the two. We are not able to make real friends, real relationships all because they look too good in the internet and where are lazy to replenish them in real life.

Well, may I get my self clearly understood, I’m not saying technology is bad or it should somehow be abandoned. All I’m saying is technology should not take us away from the reality of life, it should not deny us the opportunity of eating a healthy meal like we used to always do in the past, everyone at the table listening and talking to real people about real things instead of holding our phones under the table up-to dating our statuses to “having dinner with fam”, what family are you talking about?.

Does social media create more isolation? Don’t stand on the fence, feel free to tell me what you think

May the transformation forces be with you




  1. well said, and what I think is that we live in an increasingly transient world where we are separated from our families and friends ..everyone struggling to build his/her life somewhere .. so the web has provided us with devices that keep us in touch