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Good day friend , The other fun of being a blogger is you get to learn stuff .I have done this kind of post before where I learn something from someone and deliver it to you .

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Meet Joe Duncan


Joe Duncan believes that everyone has something beautiful and unique to share with the world and it’s our duty as human beings to encourage & support others to find their voice and use their unique gifts to make an impact and create a truly meaningful life.

Instagram and social media has allowed him to pursue his dreams of making an impact in the lives of people all over the world and help them find their passion and purpose and create a truly exceptional live.

It was all just a wild dream Joe has had for many years until he finally took the leap of faith to start Before 5am and that opened the door for him to do what he loves and be directly involved in helping people through his coaching, speaking, books and courses.

Today Before5am has 500,000 Followers on Instagram and Joe has been involved in a number of projects including creating The Impact Billions Movement with a group of his top social media entrepreneurs.

He had gone on a seven day challenge on maximizing your productivity. You can check it via his instagram @before5am

Day 4 caught my interest . I am a big believer in creating your own opportunity . Very big. I read that and being a topic I had always wanted to write about .. I couldn’t  see why i shouldn’t share it .The post  was also way too relatable . So here it is,.

How to create your own opportunities by Joe Duncan.

Day #4 of the @before5am 7 day challenge has been all about creating your own opportunities and taking your destiny into your own hands.
I have already shared some of my best tips to help you get yourself out there and get known in your industry or sector and start making a name for yourself.
Many of you still struggle with the concept of creating your own opportunities, which I understand because I was like that once myself.
The first thing you have to learn if you’re going to create your own opportunities in life is to learn to be resourceful.
Even in the last 24 hours I have received so many messages from you guys about not having money or the resources to do what you really want to do.
And….that may very well be true, but I assure you money is not the problem.
The problem is almost always a lack of resourcefulness not a lack of resources.
A lack of effort, a lack of connections, a lack of creativity and a lack of expertise is your real problem.
In today’s world, you have no excuse not to be able to build your brand, share your ideas and connect with people and in a nutshell that is what business, opportunity and life is all about…. it’s not overly complex, it all comes down to those three things.
But if you’re shy, too afraid to get to know people or express yourself then your opportunities in this world will be limited.
You create your own opportunities by getting to know people, building relationships and friendships and that doesn’t cost anything more than a little time and effort.
You create your own opportunities by expressing yourself, sharing your ideas, using technology like social media to get known in the industry or sector you want to be in… last time I checked it was free to sign up to Instagram, facebook and YouTube.
You create your own opportunities by doing your best work and developing your craft to such a point, that they simply can’t ignore you.
You create your own opportunities by being resourceful and making the most of the tools and resources you currently have at hand.. you might not have much but you have enough to get started.
You can keep giving your power away or you can use it to build your life.


I hope you found this highly informative . Keep the effort up and Never stop.

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