How you spent your morning affects your whole day. Your first hour after waking up is very important. What is even more important is how you use it. I must say I used to spend 60% of my  first morning hours on my phone, the 40% is when I forget to plug my phone on charger the other night at 10%. So I would spend my morning hours on my phone till I’m too late for my day’s chores. Then I can’t make my bed, think and   my eyes are already weary from all the screen time.

When I came across this article, I was inspired to use my morning much better. What way is much better than getting a morning routine? Here are some of the things I would love to share with you.

A proper morning routine helps you clear your mind of small things like making your bed, working out, replying to emails and so many other chores you wouldn’t want to keep in between your main chore. You wouldn’t want to get home to an unmade bed. I like doing simple chores in the morning and hard ones in the evening.

It is not your daily schedule. Your morning routine shouldn’t be like wake up, work.  it is a way for you to boost your productivity in the also prepares you for the task of the day. Like I said before it clears your mind of small important tasks.

It should work for you. just because you work out in the evening, doesn’t mean you must learn to work out in the morning. so whatever your schedule is just find a routine that works for you.

You should enjoy the transition phase. You don’t just do it perfectly when you start so instead of thinking about perfecting. Think of how good your progressing. That way you are going to take one step at a time. There are days when I wake up and just don’t follow my routine.

That is, it. I would really love to know if you have a morning routine or would love to have one. Let me know in the comments down below.