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Here is our first question from Twenti 1

Hello Twentiz, I am a 21-year-old freshman. It seems to me that everyone in university is doing business. I would like some money on the side but I think it might rob me of time to focus on my career building. What are your views on this.


  1. yes it is true people in the university are on business which are of different ways…. But my views on this for the one who is scared that it will take much of his/her time in building their goals then try and look out for international network marketing….it doesn’t take much time as it’s only online issues though alot of people don’t believe on such business but surely it helps in making money..

  2. What i think is, everyone has one owns path to success. You dont have to be everybody. There are so many people that have misinterprated the talks and books of enterprenuers. Thinking that You must be an enterprenuer to be Rich. I think its not this way.
    You can attract abundance and wealth where your energy flows, be it anything including building your carrier. Your area of focus together with positive determination highly influence ones level of self development.
    Life is about creating oneself, and you are the creator deciding what to put in and what to shake off. You can make money while building your carrier when everybody else is busy doing some bussiness. Engage deeply with your carrier, meet people in your aspiring carrier and build a positive network that will always drive you to be who you want to be. Again, Life is about creating oneself. Goodluck.

  3. i think you can both work and study at the same time. you can engage in a simple activity that wont take much of your time(dont expect earning tht much..unless u are in a big dar es salaam ) can use your skills. you can sell breads every can sell vouchers ..ect.If you can some paintings…if you can it…if you can coach a gym …do it. But it is always hard to get a suitable part time job..but dont stop trying…you can start with simple

  4. Time is limited even if one concentrates on his career,there is never enough time. But if business is what you really want to do “create time” set your priorities and be organised. One thing you should avoid doing, is doing the same business as somebody else! Creativity can help you much, not only in doing something different but as well in doing the same thing others are doing eg. Network marketing DIFFERENTLY. Look around your society, what services or goods are demanded but not available and what are available but not reaching consumers well enough!!! I agree investing in your career may be good but multitasking once in a while its always a better idea! When you plant seeds you never know which may grow, so dont get tired, do all you can!

  5. On my side i think you can do both if you are willing and thats builiding your carrier and doing business. All it takes is how willing you are to meet your goal. But mind you its not a must for every university student to do business. There are other plenty things you can do that can make you earn some money. All the best fellows, life is all about choices.

  6. People engage in business at University to either just earn some cash on the side or to grow a talent or service they are offering. You have said that you are looking to grow your career, how about joining similar interest groups and attending your career related events. They may not make you cash on the side but they will equip you with skills and knowledge you will need. Best of luck Twenti

    Get equipped with knowledge of what you think you can do to earn money.. Then decide and start is not simply earning money, but creating your future
    .set a goal and have clear reasons to why you need money and to what extent do you need it and further which type of money you want!! Fast money?? Or sustainable money…

    Get calm and analyse.. There are a lot of stuffs that one can do apart from business or in addition to business to earn cash.. Eg.serious writing..

    However, building your carrier has to be among your first priorities. Because without that you are NOT a university students and you are even out of the system for opportunities that you now have..

    So an equilibrium is very important in all aspects of your life.. Spiritual, academic, economic, social and political..

    Enjoy your moments

  8. Yo can be working and studying at the same time and still do good in both.. you just have to know how to budget your time and know when is time for studies and when it’s time for business.