I have goals. I look at every step I take like a CAB getting me closer to my destination .While my twenties may be the most fun decade, it is also the decade I am going to make alot of mistakes ,decisions and here are things i am doing in my twenties.

I want my twenties to be the years I get to be defined by what I do.As I have decided to do what I love , fully utilizing all my gifts and abilities . I want to use my twenties to do exactly that. while I still will be in university  but I still will be working on getting close to my goals.


I want my twenties to be the years I move out of my parents’ house.

I want my twenties to be the years  I invest a lot. Invest in my time .Start . That means a lot of savings will be made. I haven’t quite figured out what saving plan is going to work for me but I am soon going to get one. I still have a lot to learn about financial management but I know I have to be MINDFUL with my money

things to do in your twenties money management


I want my twenties to be the years I invest in my heath too. My goal has ALWAYS been to stay fit.Creating a healthy look is MEGA important as it affects my performance too. So healthy eating and exercise are going to be my best  buddies.

how to keep healthy in your twenties

I want my twenties to be the years I travel a lot. Traveling leaves me speechless and turns me to a story teller. Because of that I will be saving for my trips too. I have always been a travel freak and I my twenties are going to a great way to explore this hobby.

things i am doing in my twenties

I want my twenties  to be the years I nurture my relationships too. My relationships keep me sane . I am grateful i have shoulders to lean on . My twenties are also going to be a great time to make , remake and unmake bonds with people in my life.

keeping friends in your twenties

Better things are coming. Leave a comment telling me how you picture your 20s to be . Your aspirations and goals.