After taking a walk to the bus stand, my feet were hurting a lil bit.

“New shoe syndrome ”

i thought. At the end of the day however i just couldn’t wait to get home and take them off.In the evening as i waited for a bus , i sat and looked at how they fit me so well .No one could imagine such a lovely pair of shoes would be that terrible.

my shoes hurt like hell

The same goes to our lives.No body actually knows what you feel (unless you chose to tell them) ¬†You may look at a person and say “how i wish i had her life” Maybe she/he is saying the same about you.

As perfect as other peoples lives may look infront of our eyes .There is so much we do not see. There is so much we do not know. We dont know about their pain & suffering.

I will wear those shoes again. I just have to find a way to wear them without getting sore feet.

This teaches us three major things we can apply our daily life.

Look on the bright side. As much as i would love to complain about the shoes, i didnt. They looked so good . Whatever situation you are in, there is always a bright side. Look on that side. There is always something positive about everything . When you train your mind to do that , eventually you will become a more positive person

You are not alone . Next time you board the bus, don’t just take out your phone and chat. Turn the person on your right and say how hard life is for you. Most of them will show you that you are not the only one feeling that . So why worry?

Dont get comfortable. At a certain point, i actually had to sit down , loosen my sandals abit and continue with my journey. I felt much better after that and was able to walk much faster.Do something about what makes you uncomfortable.Only you know that.