Kidoti is a brand name by Jokate Mwengelo primarily the second runner of miss Tanzania 2006. It deals with braids, weaves, extensions and clothing. The very recent product is the kidoti bags. Just as I was thinking about getting a black bag which would mean I would wash less. cheers, kidoti bags came out and well again,

As I was thinking about getting a kidoti bag, someone brought it for me. So, I have been carrying it around for about six months and here is my review.

So, my bag is a laptop bag which means it has space reserved for the laptop, it is spacious and has these two pockets on the side where I can keep a bottle of water, snack wrappings, lipstick and anything I want to access easily later on. The material is okay hasn’t torn since I started using it but a friend of mine told me to never wash it with a brush. I don’t know if that’s true well because I have never washed it, yes…


It is big enough if you are going for a short vacation (2 to 3 days then it is very handy.

Carrying straps

The carrying straps are adjustable I like mine medium, the thing I used to do was carry my bag on one side and guess what? I think the increased tension finally made the strap break but I sew it back, and I have been carrying it on my back ever since. I used to carry a lot of things, so it is not normal carriage we are talking about here. it is big heavy carriage.


For me, Kidoti bags are perfect for the modern girl when a handbag just won’t do. There is a kidoti bag for every girl. You should check out their website for information on their products.


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