Wake Pray Slay They Say

Whether you  slay the day or not  depends on how you spend your morning. I say the earlier the better . In the first post i talked about why having a morning routine is so important. Today i am bringing you the basic things to include in your routine that will boost your productivity.

Prayer & Meditation .

So research shows that people who pray and or meditate are more peaceful & energized . Set aside at least 10 minutes of prayer and meditation. There are a couple of guided meditation on you tube. Affirmations are also great way to positify your way through the day.

Stretching / exercise .
Whether you do yoga, warming up exercise or intense work out. Exercise awakes the brain & boosts your activity.

Breakfast .

An empty stomach makes you &  me empty too.So try putting something in your stomach within an hour after you wake up.

Hydration & gardening your self up.

Smoothies, fruit mix  & lemon infused warm water are a good way to starveggie your day. This way you wont be dehydrated & bloated the whole day.


Hygiene .

Make your bed ,take out the trash , take a bath & do some oral cleaning.

Babe time  .

Facetime , Texting & whatever helps you know how the people you care about are doing .

Eating the frog .

This means tackling a boring  and hard task such as folding a pile of clothes. I prefer doing this during the night but if it works for you you might as well do it.

Am I missing out on anything  important for a productive day. Let me know in the comments below.