My story is not a new or rare story . There are many of us who joined these money making systems and did not get the expected results .

 I have been there, I have had hope for a change in my living standard ,income and all the promises network marketing moguls manage to implant on our heads.
I invested my money and didn’t earn a thing . There are different reasons as to why I didn’t succeed in network marketing. But my story is not a new or rare story . There are many of us who joined these money making systems and did not get the expected results . A small fraction of people actually earned something(with a sweat).To this day someone sends or tells me something similar to this, I just laugh and say no Thank you.
I am learning where it is worth putting my money . I am still hungry for development and if you are on the same boat , here are five things you can do to make an income .
1.Invest in a hobby
Hobbies are always savers, of either time or money and sometimes both. These same hobbies are sometimes makers of money. Most of our hobbies are art such as writing, drawing , make up, singing, hair and so much more. There are multiple ways you can make money with such hobbies.

You can sell the service, teach or write about it among some. You become happy as you do it and you also get some money.
2.Sell extremely basic stuff.
Really basic, now if you are hobby-less or your hobbies are not sellable consider selling extremely basic stuff. Things like water, juice and anything that most of us cant go a day without. All you need to do is find a location that makes people come to you .
3.Buy Shares .
If you are so desperate to put your money somewhere then buying stock shares is a way to go. Do your research and predictions well and then buy the shares and be ready to receive a portion of the profit.
4.Get creative and innovative.
There are so many opportunities for change around us .

network marketing options

Every second some people are bummed that they cant find a certain service. Make that service. Look out for entrepreneurship opportunities in everyday problems .

That’s it.

What are other options apart from network marketing.


  1. I think the post spoke more of What a person can do apart from network marketing or so after getting a loss in Network marketing and i personally cant agree more. I personally have been in network marketing for 6 months. I agree there is Loss but the success in this business relies on the individual’s knowledge on how to trade or make profit and timing,the nature and eligibility of the company. Like all forms of trade network marketing requires you to first learn and manage your time. Its a rapid growing industry and it cant be ignored. Investing in hobbies and innovation is fine but in matters of interest people can have different interests and abilities. Knowing the importance of this industry, there are courses in universities which teach and its embedded in their curriculum. We can agree that nothing comes in a silver plate we have to work for it, And so is network marketing. Most of the time people invest without a background check i believe you can listen to the ads and the moguls running these companies but there is a room to question and not engage if you have doubts.

    First knowing the trade, do you have to sell their products? Well then don’t if you dont have to though in real sense if for instance you own a shop still you will be selling somebody’ else’s goods.
    Or maybe it involves trading in Cryptocurrencies, get to know the risks forinstance the price of these currencies is highly volatile an hour can make a big difference either positively or negatively.

    Second, checking the eligibility and nature of the company,does it offer refund? After how much time are you able to withdraw or get your capital and profit? The duration of the investment plan and above all doing the Scam test there websites which can tell you whether the company is eligible or not aside the pleasing words from the owners of the companies.

    Third and most crucial point is to know that in network marketing “You Invest What You Can Afford To Loose” and you can always bounce back if you are determined enough.

    So to avoid being victim you can try the above steps and if still not convinced or not ready just get to do what you love and are able to do and do it well in the end we all want to gain.