This list doesn’t go like

  1. Get a job
  2. build a house
  3. blah blah blah

Welcome to Twentiesco.

better version


So here are random things to do before 30. What do you want to do before 30 ? Leave a comment below.

  1. Do a 30 day challenge of something
  2. Read News (just one day )
  4. Learn French
  5. Cook a really great meal
  6. Go on a random adventure
  7. Pay for someones meal
  8. Attend a really awesome event(s
  9. volunteer
  10. Take a class in something
  11. Get a pet
  12. Ship something
  13. Read a whole book
  14. Say yes to everything for a day
  15. Treat yourself
  16. go to a girls/boys night out
  17. write a letter to myself
  18. join a competition
  19. Travel
  20. Feel like a Twenti

OKAY , 10 more to go from you Twentiz , What do you want to do before thirty ,be fun and real.Perhaps get a tatoo, pass out , go to Madagascar , Meet MESSI? or less crazy , write a book?

Leave a comment below sharing with your fellow Twenties, perhaps you will find a fellow ( wink)

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You are twenty

You are capable

You are trying

You are powerful.

Have a great week.


  1. Shaved my head bald
    Plant a mango tree
    Say no to everything for one day
    Call every friend i ever had to know where they’ve gotten in life.
    Be an uber driver for a week
    Revisit this idea maker (twentiesco)
    Deep sea diving
    Dress in my worst colors
    Make news headlines
    Crosscheck this list to see my accomplishments and smile about it

  2. GREAT TWENTIES… Lot of appreciation to Herie as you grow the Twentiesco blog…

    Keep it up.. Much appreciated