With the first quarter of the year gone , i am sharing  some lessons i have learned so far. Another thing do you guys write down any of your plans and put a time frame on them ? The reason i am asking this is , i think if you say you want to accomplish 1 2 3  4  in 2017 and say 1 should be done by march, then acting on that and focusing on it. It becomes much easier what do you guys think?Let me know in the comments below

Okay , Lets go

Follow your freaking instincts

Whenever you compare your self with others , you are comparing your backstage with their performance. so don’t

Many times i say i cant , i really mean to say i wont

Do what really WORKS for you.Almost everyone is trying their best.

I’d rather have done it yesterday.

There is nothing that will come your way , that you cant handle . Unless its a semi trailer

Sleep and water are very important .

Speak your mind or forever get stepped on.

If it pisses you off ALWAYS. Stop getting pissed.

Live in the moment. It is sometimes all we have.

Trust your instinct

Trust your goddamn freaking instincts

Time makes some things bearable.

Family comes first

Trust your struggle

Your Network is your Networth.Put yourself out there

Its okay to make new friends. Old friends are Gold.

See things for what they are and ask for help.

Okay that is 19 lessons. I am giving you the honor to add the 20th lesson. As many as you can . Leave a comment below.

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Have a productive week .



  1. Once you make a decision, you will find all the people, resources and ideas you need to make your decision work. All the time!!

  2. Thanks dear Herrie.. To feed our minds with positive and developmental issues In all aspects of life be it spiritual, academic, economic, social and political is a powerful weapon against life setbacks