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It’s been a minute since i wrote a year ending post.Only that a whole year has passed…

A whole year..

Okay the year isn’t over so its like 12 days to go but heyyy!!

2017 came and is leaving with the speed of light.

Its that time of the year where everyone starts talking about “new year new me”, “Hey 2017 thank you for the lessons, 2018 I’m ready” and all the other stuff we post..

As we are going to see and post plenty of that stuff on facebook, instagram and twitter.

(Tag us when you do)

We might as well take time to evaluate our goals/resolutions for 2017 and reflect on how far we have come, what unexpected stumbles we have encountered and what is the way forward to 2018 as we keep on being the adults we want to be and working on ourselves.


I had never written resolutions and goals for new year until 2016 .I wrote my goals for the first time that year.

Because i had just gotten a new notebook 🙂 .Being the writer that i am i wrote my goals on the very first page of that notebook. All sorts of them.

By the end of 2016 i had achieved like 3 of them..Out of 10 or 12 .I updated the list twice . In August 2016 and during new year festival in 2017 .

My goals were focused on personal development both like becoming more emotionally strong , learning French or Spanish (I just know basics ) , physical development because #fitislit and obesity increases your risk for lifestyle diseases . Enzemat lets you know where healthwise you are at and what you need to do.

I also wanted to actually do things i wanted to do and finish what I started and bettering my skills (crafting, writing and medicine)

Improving my relationship with God by improving my relationship with myself and others as well as building consistency in prayer and Bible reading.

I was so good at it in those first days.. Then i forgot about the notebook and went back to my old ways. However whenever I came across that notebook i’d do something to get closer to my goals.

Looking back;

I have amazed my self in some (like finishing my book and stealing a page in a newspaper as well as in personal growth )

Some goals are still wondering if we should really be together.. Giving me a constant look like


I’ll tell you one thing that has been pulling me back though.. Or rather what i use to not slay my life as i planned.

  1. Lack of Consistency

Also known as not wanting it bad enough. Consistency is married to Procrastination ..also known as I’ll do it when time is almost over (Hello deadliners😁😁)

This is what my exercise routine is like

Monday:Really excited goes out to jog.. Or uses Daily workouts(Get the app from playstore)

Tuesday:Sore legs from Yesterday’s jog/whatever exercise i did

Wednesday :I have Sore legs remember

Thursday:We all know I have sore legs.. They need a break for as long as 2 weeks.

Two weeks later :I need to exercise

And on and on goes my vicious cycle .

The down side of being a deadliner is that sometimes you have no deadlines. The only thing you have to do is set your self deadlines and beat them. To do this, you need Self discipline .Cultivating a habit of self discipline is a goal I am taking to 2018 .Its probably the only sword to kill Procrastination and Lack of consistency.

And again i am going to update my 2017 list. And probably make a vision board and Draw my life.

As we March towards 2018 ,may we become more stronger and compassionate with each other. May we keep on working on ourselves and in the process inspire each other towards Change and Improvement. May we Keep smiling at the confusion as we enjoy every moment of our lives.

Here to the achievements, lessons and all the gifts from 2017.

And here is to more of that in 2018.

Happy New year Twentiz.

Thank you so much for the support and encouragement and love .


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  1. Julie Martin

    December 18, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Thank you Herieth for the update

  2. Suley

    December 18, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Oooh its that time of the year! I struggle at consistency, am like i could be that, i could be this, but to actually follow the blue print!
    Let me see my resolutions , I hope I havent pilled so much this time around!

  3. Jackie Rouse

    December 18, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Keep it up gal

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Holiday time ,

A time we have been looking forward to since school started! Blink and share this post if you can relate!

Fun holiday activities

I am a big pro-balance , i believe in late nights, early mornings and coffee but i also believe it is essential to lay back in the Bahamas and have someone bring you a Cool Mojito . So what do you do when you have a month or two of rest. Read On.
A bit Clichè right? But how many of us actually rest at least half of the time during the holiday?

While it is sometimes inevitable to reply that email, Attend that client, making time to take care of you, catch up on your favourite tv show or just sitting and breathing helps clear your brain and make you even more productive.

2. Learn a skill.

What a time to be Alive! Your next skill is literaly a few taps away. This skill can be a hobby you have been looking to get better at like sewing, singing, piano , cooking or something intergral in your career like history taking for new clinical rotation students or something you have wanted to do on the side( you have been talking about how you do not have time, and now Its here! ).

One of the founders of Afyatoon , an animation start-up that provides health education actually learnt how to animate during his summer holiday.

There are some things that are not taught in school and you are probably struggling with such as speaking in public , budgeting , dressing well, healthy living & more. Take time to train yourself on that.

3. Work on your side hustle
Balancing between studies and work is a challenge. Sometimes they are all demanding our time and energy. The holiday time therefore is a great time to focus on this thing , give it a mega push and this push will even save you the hustle when school starts.


4. Learn, explore and grow.
It is really eye-opening to learn a new thing or get to understand a certain topic . This can be a great time to do that. There is vast majority of knowledge and information on blogs, social media and in the actual world for you to learn .

Be curious, google , check out some you tube videos . But most of Enjoy your holiday .


What are you doing this holiday?


Twentiesco consultation doors are open! Book your consulation today and lets walk  this adulthood  journey together.



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If you are one amazing twenti who seeks out opportunities to learn or seek support for something you do , at some point you have to prove your worthiness of what you are applying or contesting for.


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4 Tips for successfull Business In Agriculture For Beginners..



agribussiness sucess tips

I have always heard national leaders claim that Agriculture is the backbone of Tanzania. Infact I wrote a couple of essay discussing this same a few year back in secondary school.
However, I have seen more backs deformed, callous on their hands and accidents where you cultivated your leg instead of the land than I have seen these same people afford to treat any of these conditions.
I have also been hearing that farmers in the west are rich and unbothered.
But then do you think such farmers cultivate acres of land ,wait for rain (fingers crossed ) , uproot weeds, harvest and sell to the next buyer that can pay them something close to half their children’s school fees?
Agriculture is a pretty lucrative sector. And if you aim in these areas , you might make a fortune.

There is a big market we are not accessing in the western countries because of standard barriers. A large number of crops we produce are of a good enough quality. But what about the end products? Can they cross the Jk.Nyerere airport without causing a security shut down? Another issue that hinders these products is packaging. Poor packaging makes a product look cheap and not reliable.

2.Processing and Storage
Why do we pay these timewasters so much.
Because they process raw products. Turning sisal to .. and selling finished products has higher profit . . Plus how do you expect to make much of a profit when everyone is trying to sell the same thing before it rots. These products need to be stored well too so that their value stays and can be sold even after the season is over.



What is trending?
If you want to have a large market, go for products that are widely used in different places and some trending crops. Think Chia seeds, strawberries , pepper etc.

You can also contact restaurants for tenders so you have a market right away.
Let me let you in on a little secret a farmer told me.You do not need acres to farm. A green house is a perfect way to produce extremely quality crops that could sell in Antarctica for a million dollars . There is also an option of renting a farm .
That’s it fellaz ,As this weather moves you to cultivate other people, may you consider trying out crops. This is because agribusiness is worth investing in although it has not succeed to be as attractive as network marketing.

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